Spirit Guides

In the Metaphysical world, the phrase “Spirit Guides” is frequently used, but who are they really, and what do they do? This phrase can bring up countless questions for some Spiritual Seekers. Here are ten things you may not know about Spirit Guides.

1. Spirit Guides are a lot like YOU!

By Law of Attraction, you attract Spirit Helpers that have similar interests, tastes, and personalities. We have different aspects of our personalities, so we attract Guides with one or more aspects of our personality. Your personal Spirit Guides are assigned just to you!

Your Spirit Guides often vibrate at a lighter energy level than you, but still in your vibration range. This is to make communication as clear as possible. If they were out of your range, it would be like a professor at a college trying to teach their knowledge to a kindergarten student. It just wouldn’t work.

2. They aren’t just sitting around waiting for your call.

Spirit Guides have other things they want to accomplish for their own personal growth. Think of the Spirit Guide role as a job. Their job is to assist, protect, and teach us. However, they have a life outside of this role. Do you want to have a personal life outside of work? Well, they do too! Your Guides want to visit with others, and have activities and hobbies in which to engage. There are many things to do on the Other Side.

3. Spirit Guides can be “hired,” “fired”, and can even quit! (YES, Really)

Each individual Spirit has freewill to make decisions. On Earth, we have employees that do their job poorly, or just don’t seem to be able to flow with the changes. Apply this to the Spirit Guide relationship. You may not be seeing the results you want from a Guide, or perhaps you’ve shifted your course in life.

Let’s say one day you have an epiphany that you no longer want to be an engineer and you are going to travel across Europe to follow your dream of being a food blogger. The Spirit that signed up to help you with engineering is no longer needed. It’s important to communicate the problem to your Guide. If you can’t seem to find a solution, you can ask for a new Guide and let the old one go. Some Guides may even leave, and try to find a replacement before you ask.

4. They DON’T know what you are thinking at all times.

A lot of seekers beginning their spiritual path say, “Don’t they just KNOW what I need?” The answer is NO. Why you might ask? If you are an ethical and positive person, chances are you’ve attracted mostly ethical and positive Guides. They aren’t just going to tap into your thoughts without your permission. Also, it is not a piece of cake to just tap into someone’s every waking thought.

Your Guides have other things and better things to do.

Thoughts without the intention of sharing them with your Guides do not have energy strong enough for your Guides to clearly understand.

You are a freewill creator in your life. Guides aren’t going to tell you the answer to each and every decision because this is YOUR life. If you had someone making decisions for you all the time, you would never learn anything.

5. They DO appreciate your gratitude.

Sometimes we assume that Guides don’t need to hear the phrase “thank you,” because they are higher level beings. Well, who do you really know that doesn’t like to hear “thank you?” Spirit Guides are co-creators of our lives, so it is nice to acknowledge their presence.

6. Some of our Guides are Couch Potatoes.

Have you ever had a long to-do list, but instead, sat on the couch enthralled in your favorite TV series that you ended up binge watching? If you have an aspect of this in yourself, then you may have attracted a guide with the same aspect! It just happens. This may mean that you have one or more Guides lying down on the job. If you feel you have a Guide who is not doing their job, you may talk aloud to them. You can also talk to them with you inner reading voice (with the intention they hear the message.) Let them know they need to improve, or they will need to find a new job.

7. Your Guides have certain specialties.

If you are a nurse in your day job, odds are you’ve attracted a Guide that specializes in healing. If you are an artist, odds are you’ve attracted a Guide that loves art or was an artist. This Guide can assist you with inspiration, aid in gut feelings, and give insight into their area of expertise.

8. Most of the time your Guides are not your Loved Ones.

This may be a letdown for many, however, there are valid reasons why Loved Ones aren’t our Guides.

Your Guides need to go through Spirit Guide training, and in some cases, have a certain specialty to be Spirit Guides. Your Loved Ones in Spirit may not have these qualifications. Even if your Loved Ones have a skill set you could use, it may take some time before they’ve gone through the proper training to be a Spirit Guide.

The timing may be off! You already have all the Guides you need, so you don’t have any more openings. You most likely already have a working team of Guides and are not in need of new ones.

Your Loved Ones in Spirit aren’t vibrating similar to your vibration rate. Even though you love Grandma, she just might not be on the same page as you.

Loved Ones have a hard time being objective. Our family and friends who are in the Spirit realm often have a hard time being objective about our lives and what we need to learn. Let’s say your own Spirit & Higher Self has chosen to go through a hard lesson, so your Spirit Guides help guide you into that lesson. Grandma may say, “I don’t want my grandchild to hurt, so let’s guide her away from that lesson.”

9. Spirit Guides don’t always agree!

This may be a shocker, but they don’t always agree with each other or you! When this occurs, the human they are helping must weigh the options carefully and make a freewill decision. You can also ask for a Universal Guide to come through and shed some light on the situation to “break the tie.”

10. Most Guides have lived an Earth-plane life before, but not all!

Most Spirit Helpers have lived at least one life on Earth before. This is so they can better relate to us, and have experience when assisting us in our day to day activities. However, some Guides have lived in other solar systems, sharing knowledge to humankind. This is often a good fit for Mediums/Channelers, and those making breakthroughs in the scientific and technological fields.

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