Readings With Chandra

What To Expect In A Reading

Chandra is available for 1 hour Oracle Card Readings

Cards pulls will be made for major life areas (relationship, career, finance, etc) as well as a spread for overall direction and guidance.

Questions may also be asked during the reading at the end of each section.

And if a Loved One in Spirit should happen to pop in during the reading, we can pause to say hello!

Chandra Arrington

More About Chandra…

She’s a Channeler, Psychic

& Oracle Card Reader

Chandra Arrington is a recovering, people-pleasing protestant and ex-corporate middle management devotee. After the loss of a soulmate, she embarked on a spiritual revolution. Through intuitive development and a strong belief in connection and oneness, she is creating a new life purpose.

Now a podcaster and author, “she makes it her mission to spread a sense of community and belonging for like-minded spiritual, empathic, and highly sensitive people. She believes spirituality should have a lighthearted and irreverent side (Gemini Sun, Scorpio Rising…no shock there)!

She embodies a philosophy of embracing “whatever woo means to you” with joy, sincerity, a well-placed curse word, and most importantly, love for each other.

Often spiritually minded people feel different or set and part, and she helps them realize they aren’t alone in feeling “other”. 

In her perspective “We were not put on this earth to fit in. We are here to leave a legacy that helps raise humanity to reach its full potential.”

Any information shared with the client during a session, does not replace advice or treatment from a licensed medical or psychological health care provider, or legal adviser. Your practitioner does not diagnose conditions, perform medical treatments, prescribe medications, and is not a professional healthcare service providesr. *Any decisions the client makes after the session, is of the free will of the client, and not the influence of your practitioner. The purpose of sessions are for spiritual and educational purposes.

Where We Stand On Diversity & Inclusion

At Messenger of Spirit, LLC, we operate from beliefs that enable us to empower spiritual, ambitious souls to connect to their spiritual gifts, and live their life purpose no matter where they are in their spiritual journey. We believe in supporting one another through an abundance mindset.

Our company strongly values diversity and inclusivity, and we strive to show those values daily through our words and actions. We strive to be a diversity-conscious business through our marketing, actions, and partnering.