Work with me through my signature program:

Connect to your Intuition & Spirit Guides, discover your life purpose, and break through your abundance blocks!

Courses & Spiritual Tools available right now:

Oracle Card Playshop


November 9, 2023 on Zoom
9am PST / 10am MST / 11am CST / 12pm EST

Give and receive oracle readings as your hone
your intuitive skills in this 90 minute playshop!


52 Card Deck, Booklet + BONUSES!
including an Oracle Card Training!

Meditation Library:

Elevate Your Intuition, Abundance & Alignment to Life Purpose

18+ guided, channeled meditations designed to elevate your intuition, abundance, and alignment to purpose.

What students & clients are saying:

One of the biggest wins I’ve experienced because of Whitney’s program is being able to identify and work through the fear of my Intuitive abilities.

Now, I feel connected to my Spirit Guides and learned to recognize the many ways they communicate with me. I feel major improvements in my energy/physical activity, taking quick action when needed and processing/recovering from setbacks & challenges way faster than I use to. 

I just feel so hopeful, inspired, motivated and fearless right now. I KNOW that no matter what comes my way Spirit Guides have my back and will help and guide me!!!


School Counselor and New Business Owner

“I started my own company – combining intuitive readings, hypnosis and hypnobirthing instruction. Its been great! I do an average of 2-4 readings a week and have my first hypnobirthing couple client as of last month. I am officially out of the medium closet! I am still learning lots and am so very grateful for your support and instruction. Thank you, thank you, thank you! “

Karen Hornfeck

Owner, Wise Elephant Wellness

With Whitney’s program, I can communicate consistently with Spirit and learned how to manifest successfully on a consistent basis.”


Owner, Owner, Elite Research Management, LLC, Clinical Research Consulting