Ep 73: How To Create Rituals And Conscious Launch Strategies with Sage Polaris

Apr 19, 2023Podcast

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Spiritual & Ambitious Podcast with Whitney McNeill
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How To Create Rituals And Conscious Launch Strategies

This week we are excited to have guest Sage Polaris. She has written high converting copy for more than 400+ clients earning them millions of dollars. She helps personal brands and service providers sell more of their service or offer with the words on their website. Her emails and sales pages are responsible for generating as much as 7 figures in a single launch.

How Intuition Can Affect Decisions In Your Business (9:07)

To start, Sage shares how her inner voice leads her to focus more on what the clients want and what they tell her they need to decide to buy from her. Then she relies on her intuition to help her find solutions to the need they shared.

What Is Launching (11:57)

Whitney & Sage discuss how they take a broader definition of launching than most. If you have something to sell it technically is a launch. Launching requires a different type of energy and it’s up to the business owner how they choose to do it to make it feel expansive for them.

The Benefit of Launch Rituals (19:10)

Next, Sage shares some of the common practices she uses while launching to keep her energy high. She discusses how your location can play a huge role in the energy you put out. You also need to incorporate some type of movement practice to release any nervous, frenetic energy before you start any videos or training sessions. Abundance rituals can also bring in the correct vibration to allow the flow of energy in as well as the energy you are expelling out to your launch participants.

Conscious Launch Strategies (23:14)

Whitney & Sage discuss how to manage expectations for launching. It’s easy when they are met or exceeded but how do you deal with results that fall short? Listen as Sage shares how she works through and processes the emotion that a short fall brought up, as well as how being vulnerable with your audience creates a strong connection. Honesty with yourself, your close circle and then with your community at large is a muscle you have to develop over time.

Recommended Launch Practices (31:42)

Tapping into your own intuition helps you identify your specific strengths and how you can best show up and contribute. Design strategies around your strengths so that the decisions you make during the launch are aligned with how you show up best. Sage feels one of the most important practices is to let others support you when you need it. Listen as Sage shares the list of questions to ask yourself to center, ground and tune in before your next launch.

If you resonate with Sage’s unique take on ambition and feel like you too want to write your only rules when it comes to your business, check out the links below for all the ways to connect with Sage. Here’s to staying Spiritual & Ambitious.



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Tapping into intuition practices will help you understand your own strengths. – Sage Polaris

Let the “No” come from somewhere else, not from you. – Sage Polaris

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