Why Am I Not Getting Intuitive Messages?

Sep 2, 2021Conversations with Spirit

Why Am I Not Getting Intuitive Messages?

Have you been trying to make a decision and asking your Spirit Guides for guidance only to get cricket? Have you ever thought that maybe you just weren’t born with the “gift” you need to be intuitive? Well I’m here to tell you every person is born intuitive. Intuition is the compass that helps us navigate this life in this body (the car). Our Spirit Guides are our navigators telling us which street to take or where to turn next to keep us on the path the compass is pointing out. Each of us is unique and we all get our messages differently . What we see in movies and on TV is usually not how it works for all of us. We’ll definitely talk more about that in our upcoming free 3 day Intuition and Spirit Guide Challenge. We’d love you have you join us and you can sign up right here: messnegerofspirit.com/signup. But until then, here are some other common reasons that may cause you to wonder “Why am I not getting intuitive messages?”

You may not be getting intuitive messages if your EMOTIONS ARE HIGH.

Low vibrational emotions like fear, anger, grief, guilt, etc. can block intuitive messages. Those thick, heavy emotions weigh us down and make it challenging to tune into the lighter vrbarations of our Guides. They will still try to get us the messages by showing us signs or having a beloved friend or family member deliver the message we are not receiving on our own. If this is true for you, this can be a time to focus on self healing and releasing the heaviness that is holding you back from your intuitive connection.

You may not be getting intuitive messages if you HAVEN’T ACTIVELY DEVELOPED YOUR INTUITIVE LANGUAGE®.

Have you made it a priority to learn exactly how you personally receive your intuitive message and then consciously work on developing the skills to receive them in that manner? If you don’t know what your intuitive language® is, I invite you to take our quiz at messengerofspirit.com/quiz to find out. Intuition is like a muscle. You have to dedicate time and energy to working it out to allow it to grow stronger and stronger. Also, the more you work with your intuition, the manner in which you receive your messages may shift and change over time. For instance if you are an empath and work on feeling the sensations of the messages, over time you may discover you begin to hear messages as well.

You may not be getting intuitive messages if the LACK OF A MESSAGE, IS THE MESSAGE.

Sometimes we blame our Spirit Guides when we feel they don’t respond to us. We ask and ask the questions looking for direct guidance and get so frustrated when we don’t get the clear “HELL YES!” or “HELL NO!” we are expecting to hear. This can cause us to fear moving forward because we feel our intuition is silent and we don’t know the “right” next step. Probably this situation is our Guides giving us a clear intuitive message that the choice is ours, that there is not intrinsically right or wrong choice. They want us to initiate the next step based on our wants and interests and they will be there to support us. Us taking that action will be what gives our Guides the info they need to begin navigating further. They are just waiting for us to show them where we want to go.

You may not be getting intuitive messages because you DON’T COMMUNICATE CONSISTENTLY.

As we’ve said before, intuition grows over time the more we use it. If we think we don’t have to practice receiving messages consistently and that what we need to know will magically show up right when we need it then we may have a hard time tuning in. Think about your relationship with your Guides in the same way you would any other friendship. If you never call or check in on your friends, never show up at parties they invite you to, never show any interest in the things going on in their lives; how likely are they to drop everything and show up when you feel you desperately need them? Probably not likely you’ll receive a quick reply when you do reach out, right?. Healthy relationships are an equal give and take. A consistent back and forth communication with your Guides will help ensure you are able to receive the messages they want you to know.

You may not be getting intuitive messages because YOUR ENERGY IS NOT CLEAR

Clearing your mind and energy can be a quick and easy way to move out the static so your messages come through more easily. Although meditation is a great way to clear your mind, you don’t have to meditate for hours on end to do it. A simple intention or a quick walk outside can be enough to move you into a more grounded and clear state of mind so your messages can flow through more easily.

You may not be getting intuitive messages because THEY ARE COMING IN DIFFERENTLY.

As we evolve and grow, our energy patterns can become lighter and this can change the way we receive intuitive messages. If we are used to only hearing words through our inner reading voice and then suddenly we are feeling all these new sensations in the body we could potentially write those off and not acknowledge them as messages from our Guides. Also our Guides can work directly through our bodies to give us messages. For instance, feeling tired all of a sudden for no logical or medical reason could be a sign that you really need to stay in and not run that errand or go to that meeting right now. When those type of these happen it is crucial that we tune into the feeling and to our Guides to see if there is a message there for us rather than ignoring it because its not the typical manner in which we receive.


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