Why You Second Guess Your Intuition

Apr 20, 2021Conversations with Spirit

Why You Second Guess Your Intuition

All of us are unique individuals and the reasons you second guess your intuition will be just as unique. Through teaching intuition to many spiritually ambitious souls like yourselves, I have seen some common themes come up as it relates to the reasons for not fully trusting our intuitive messages.

Lack of Community Support is one reason Why You Second Guess Your Intuition

Oftentimes, in mainstream society the topic of intuition can be deemed as unimportant or perpetuate the common view that people who receive intuitive messages and guidance are just “making things up”. This creates a lack of validation for the intuitive person. Without validation we become conditioned to not believe our intuitive experiences are real. That support system of a community of like-minded people with which to share your experiences provides validation when you see so many others have had the same or similar experiences in their journey.

One method to create self-validation is to document any intuitive hits you may get. Use any method you’re comfortable with, from pen & paper to voice memo apps. Later, when you review your entries you’ll be able to reflect back and see just how many of the messages were right and that what you experienced was real.

Thinking Intuition Only Comes In One Way is another reason Why You Second Guess Your Intuition

We are conditioned though books, movies, etc. as to how our Spirit Guides communicate with us and what Spirit messages should look like. It’s this lack of educational truths about intuition that can cause us to second guess our intuition. Again, we are all unique beings so it stands to reason the methods through which intuitive messages are communicated to us. They will be just as different as we are. Perhaps you see or hear your messages. Maybe they come to you as a feeling or knowing (“gut instinct”). Simple knowing sounds easy, but it can be one of the most difficult to trust as intuition.

Not Being Consistent with Intuitive Exercises can be a reason Why You Second Guess Your Intuition

When we aren’t actively trying to develop and grow our intuition, we tend to put more weight into trusting the tangible things. Societal conditioning reinforces that the logical things and the material items we can touch and feel are “real”, whereas our feelings and energy are more esoteric and, therefore, “not as real”. Then we begin to open our intuitive channels and more actively talk to our Spirit Guides.  We end up wondering if what we saw, heard, felt, or knew was “right”. This can happen as we haven’t had enough practice to determine the energetic differences of an intuitive thought or message versus the physical world.

Fear is also a reason Why You Second Guess Your Intuition

Fear usually stems from the beliefs we’ve been taught throughout our lives. “How do I know Spirit Guides are real?’ “What if this is not ok & I’m talking to something bad or I’m allowing something negative in?” First of all, just like any other new subject we must step back and look at it from a completely neutral perspective. Learn about it with an open mind. By doing that, we can then make informed decisions about what intuition is for us and how it will fit into our own specific belief systems. As with any topic that is foreign to us, the more we learn about it and the more we understand about it the more we find there is nothing to fear.




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