Ep 102: Why Now Is The Time to Open Your Intuition

Oct 4, 2023Podcast

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Why Now Is The Time to Open Your Intuition

You’ve probably been thinking about this awhile (if not your whole life). You feel the call to fully step into your spiritual abilities, but… for a myriad of reasons it always seems to get pushed to the back burner. It’s time to stop hiding from you Life Purpose and step into your intuition.

A Massive Collective Energy Shift (3:09)

It’s no secret there is a big shift in the collective energy happening right now. This is a major topic in the spiritual community from all different angles and viewpoints. We’ll talk about what this energy shift can feel like for you and what may be getting shaken up in your life because of it. Intuition can serve as guidance through this period of change.

Why You Decided To Incarnate (5:54)

If you are here now experiencing life on this planet at this moment it is because your soul decided to be. Let’s look at how to take advantage of this time and make the most out of the possibilities this incarnation brings you.

Why You Can’t Waste Any More Time (8:06)

With so much shifting and changing going on collectively right now, the world needs the purpose you came here to live. You can’t waste time because you are needed. Most intuitives are feeling that pull now. Listen to hear more about what this looks like and may manifest in your life.

The Missing Link To Your Purpose (9:45)

I bet you already know what this is. The answer is so “intuitive” and we’ll discuss why it plays such an important role in bringing you to your life purpose.

The Full Impact of Opening Your Intuition (11:15)

You are creating a ripple effect. Intuition leads to purpose. Purpose leads to helping others . Helping others leads to others being inspired to do the same. You have an important role to play and your intuition guides you as you step into that role.

If you feel the shifting energy and you’re ready to take the first step into opening your intuition, we’d love to have you inside Intuition Abundance Academy. Check out the link below to enroll and here’s to staying Spiritual and Ambitious.



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We tend to seek answers outside of ourselves when really we should seek answers inside of ourselves and from our Spirit Guides – Whitney McNeill

The more you follow your intuition and live your purpose the more you give others permission to do the same – Whitney McNeill

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