Why Mediumship Is Healing

Feb 5, 2020Conversations with Spirit

If you’re reading this, then you are probably interested in Mediumship. Whether you enjoy getting a reading, or are ready to learn Mediumship yourself… it’s important to know WHY Mediumship can be so healing.

Most of the time I see two types of people:

Those that say, “H@LL YES!  I WANT A READING!”

And those that say, “No F&CKING WAY!”

When you understand why Mediumship can be so comforting and healing, you start to open your eyes to a different perspective.

Obviously, it can be healing to know that your Loved One is happy and doing well on the Other Side.

But there are other reasons it can healing, too!

In this video we’ll talk about how Mediumship can be healing in other ways like:

  • What Spirit Guides have to do with mediumship.
  • What Spirit Guides can share.
  • How Spiritual Healing is connected to Mediumship.
  • How awareness plays an important role to shift into a healing state.
  • How learning about difficult times can actually be comforting.
  • How readings can connect with pets.
  • How the Medium receives healing during readings.

Looking forward to sharing this with you!

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