Why Am I Intuitive?

Jan 22, 2020Conversations with Spirit

Have you ever wondered why you are Intuitive?

Students often ask me, “Whitney, why is this happening to me?!”

If you don’t know by now, my answer is gonna be, “Everyone is intuitive.” It’s always been there, but each person’s intuitive sensitivity is different.

Sometimes we go through energetic shifts and all of the sudden it’s like an Intuition tsunami hits! (Did someone turn my Intuition button on?”

Don’t worry. If you are super sensitive, there’s no need to get rid of it. This means you have a superpower and you just need to harness your ability and have healthy boundaries!

In this video I’ll be covering:

  • Why you are Intuitive.
  • Why we are born with different energy sensitivity levels.
  • How Spirit Guides can help hone your Intuitive superpower!
  • Why your energy sensitivity changes through your life.
  • A technique for the super intuitive so you can stop getting random info from random people at the grocery store, and start using your empathic and Intuitive ability in a healthy way.

I’ll see you inside the video!

And by the way…If you wanna know the primary way you receive messages from your Intuition, take this free quiz.

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