Ep 66: Who You Were In A Past Life

Mar 15, 2023Podcast

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Spiritual & Ambitious Podcast with Whitney McNeill
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Who You Were In A Past Life

Have you ever wondered who you were in a past life? Well, that is our topic in this episode. We will dive into questions like: Who were we?, How many lives have we had?, and Who did we choose to incarnate with?


Past Life Regressions (1:09)

Listen as Whitney shares her first experience with past life regression therapy and the 3 (yes, 3!!) lifetimes that came through for her. She’ll share how details she learned during the session led to a better understanding of this life.

Common Questions About Past Lives (6:33)

Whitney shares what Spirit has told her about past lives and what she’s learned doing and hosting past life regression meditations.

Incarnation (9:32)

Some find it interesting to learn the choices you make before each incarnation, Family, friends, lessons, contracts and more. We’ll talk about how those choices show up in your current life and how your intuition can help you navigate it.

Cords (12:16)

Cords develop when there is an imbalance in energy, therefore cords are never healthy. Listen to learn what it means to remove a cord and what they means for your energy.

Connections (15:09)

As we discussed, there are decisions we make about our connections and lessons before we incarnate. This is the time to unlock your intuition and learn why these connections need to repeat, what these lessons are, and how to complete them in this lifetime.

There is a lot we can learn from our past lives. Take advantage so we can get the most out of this one. Here’s to staying Spiritual & Ambitious.



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We may reincarnate with the same people until we balance out the karma. – Whitney McNeill

Who you were in a past life can dictate the lessons that you’re learning here. – Whitney McNeill

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