Ep 37: When Your Family Doesn’t Believe Your Intuitive Gifts

Sep 7, 2022Podcast

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When Your Family Doesn’t Believe Your Intuitive Gifts

You are not alone. But you might feel very alone when your family or your friends don’t believe in your intuitive gifts or messages. Have you ever gotten the side eye or that face from them like.. “What are you even talking about?” You know that feeling where you are so excited and passionate about your intuition, especially when something comes “true,” that you predicted. You know that it’s real, but the people around you may not believe you.

My experience has been that when people decide to begin further developing their intuitive abilities they have had previous situations that proved they were intuitive. Oftentimes, we will just shrug it off as coincidence, but the more these little “coincidences” add up, the more the scientific part of our minds become engaged and awakens to the possibilities our intuition can open. But even though we are becoming more accepting, we may not get that same reaction from friends or family when we discuss these type of events. In fact, they may not be accepting of it at all. So let’s talk about what you can do and how you can get through it.

What Does In Mean When You Family Doesn’t Believe You Are Intuitive

Nothing! It means nothing about you. It is all about them. When you step into your intuitive abilities and spiritual gifts you want to talk about it. And you should. By sharing your experiences with your family if they just simply don’t believe in intuitive abilities they are not going to be receptive. Beyond that, if they’ve never explored the topic before it may cause them to question what they truly do believe about intuition, and questioning ourselves about any belief is uncomfortable and possibly triggering. The bottom line is you have no control over what goes on in someone else’s mind. But the more you share, the more you spread your light. Eventually that is going to attract people who are interested in talking about those same things.

Your Family May Not Be Comfortable With You Changing

When you start stepping into your purpose and coming into alignment with your intuition, your life is going to change. You start shifting your vibration and you can find yourself changing some of your beliefs, habits, and patterns. Honestly, some of the people around you may not like it. They were comfortable with how you were and change is not comfortable. But someone else’s comfort is not your responsibility. It is your responsibility to honor your abilities and should find an accepting group to support your growth as an intuitive soul.

Are You Hiding Or Shining

Do you find that you have come out fully into your intuitive life with some people in your life, but are holding that piece of you close to the vest with other groups? If you find yourself not being fully authentic about it when the subject is broached to you, it may be that you still feel the need to hide that part. You get to decide how much you want to share about your intuitive beliefs and abilities, but to shine your light you need to be authentic about the parts you do share.

Transforming Your Life Through Intuition

As you more fully connect with your intuition you attract a whole team of Spirit Guides to help you as you grow and evolve. Listen as I share the story of how my Spirit team helped me transform the life I had built at a lower vibrational state into a life where I could live my purpose from a place of authenticity abundantly. As you continue to work with your Guide team they will draw in the opportunities, community, support, mentorship, and validation that you need to fully integrate your intuition into a fulfilling way of life.

Here’s to staying Spiritual and Ambitious.



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What people think of you is none of your business. – Whitney McNeill

Your energy is drawing in the people that need to learn from you. Your light turns on other lights. – Whitney McNeill

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