What’s in Your Spiritual Backpack?

Jul 10, 2019Conversations with Spirit

What are you carrying around in your Spiritual Backpack?

I bet you are thinking… crystals, oracle cards, spiritual books, etc. While I travel with spiritual tools, that’s not exactly what I mean by “spiritual backpack.”

Even though I would love to tell you the story about how airport security stopped because they thought I was carrying a bomb, when really it was just a big amethyst candle holder, I usually reserve those stories for my email list. If you aren’t on it yet, get all the juicy details for our next Spiritual weekly topic here.

Back to “the backpack.” We carry one with us every single day. Yep – we do!

It just might seem invisible, but most likely you feel it. Here are some symptoms when you know you need to clean our your pack!

When you:

  • Are carrying too much physical weight (and can’t seem to lose it),
  • Are tired and grumpy for no real reason.
  • Start seeing things more negatively.
  • Can’t let things go.

They are all symptoms that you are carrying extra weight in your Mind / Aura / Energy. Your Mind, Aura & Energy…. that’s your Spiritual backpack.

Most of the time, we are so used to shoving stuff in, we forget to unpack it.

You know that argument that happened 10 years ago? That could still be stuck in there.

The feelings that your friend had while she was crying to you about her relationship may be stuck in there too if you are an Empath.

Yikes! Right?

Stuff that you didn’t even mean to put in there somehow found it’s way in. You aren’t just carrying your baggage but other people’s unwanted baggage, too!

That doesn’t seem fair does it? Not at all.

BUT.. it’s your responsibility to take inventory of what’s in there and remove what’s too heavy.

Watch the video to learn how to start unpacking!

Here’s to becoming lighter!



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