What is Your Intuitive Language?


We all have a primary (or maybe two!) Intuitive language. Our Spirit Guides use this language to communicate with us. This can be through clairvoyance; clairaudience; claircognizance; or clairsentience. They pick the “route of least resistance” to communicate with us. They will use the most natural way we receive information.

Just because you may not be able to see Spirit, doesn’t mean that you can’t feel, hear, or know the messages they send. Also, you can work on developing your sensitivity to the other languages! You aren’t just “stuck” with one. All ways of receiving spirit messages are beautiful!

Use this quiz to check in with yourself, to see what your primary Intuitive languages may be. The more “yes” answers you have, the more likely you have that language. Below are examples of what you will find in the quiz:

Clairvoyance – Seeing Spirit

1. Do you see Auras, Energy, or Lights? (Especially when the room is dim.)

2. Do you receive symbols, images, or see colors while you meditate?

3. When you wake up, do you remember the colors or imagery vividly from your dream?

4. Are you a visual learner or have to see something in front of you to make a decision?

5. Does it help you organize when you write lists?


Clairaudience – Hearing Spirit

1. Do you hear Spirit? This can be hearing the voice of someone else, or hearing the message through your own inner reading voice.

2. Do you like to talk to yourself as you weigh options of a decision? Do you talk to yourself as you do tasks throughout the day?

3. Does talking to someone else help you problem solve?

4. Do you hear songs in the morning, or easily get a song stuck in your head?

5. When you remember a Loved One in Spirit, can you hear or remember the sound of their voice very clearly?



1. When you remember a Loved One, do you feel warm and loved?

2. Do you sense that you are being watched over at night, or when alone in your room?

3. Do you feel as if you are being touched, or feel tingle sensations when you are communicating with your Guides?

4. Do you feel the emotions of others?

5. Do you have a strong gut feeling?



1. Do you just “know” the answer to a question or decision, without needing to weigh the options?

2. Do you take action on your knowing, even though no one has told you that something will be occurring?

3. Have you just known something about someone, even though they never told you?

4. Do you find yourself doing an activity that you had not previously planned in your day.. and you aren’t sure why you are doing it? Example: Buying another jug of milk, even though you know you have a full one at home. You did not have this on your grocery list. When you get home, you see that someone accidentally dropped the jug, and you are glad you bought a new one!

5. Have you just known someone was going to call you, and then they do?


Now that you have an idea of what you primary Intuitive Language (or Languages) may be, you can be more present and aware of how Spirit communicates to you. If you are interested in learning more, I would love to have you inside our 4 Intuitive Languages Course or the Spiritual Mentorship services.

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