Ep 31: What Happens When We Die

Jul 27, 2022Podcast

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What Happens When We Die

Although I work with Spiritual & Ambitious people who want to live their purpose through their career, inevitably as they start to work on connecting to their intuition and Spirit Guides these type of questions will come up. When working with Spirit we do get curious about what is on the other side. In this episode I will share some of the things Spirit has taught me about what happens when we die and the process of transitioning across the veil.

Perspective On the Dying Process: Spirit vs. Human

As we transition back into Spirit we are, energetically, not fully in our bodies. We are partially in and partially moving on. This is very noticeable oftentimes with dementia patients or people who are in the imminent dying process. When I used to do mediumship full time I would periodically get a question about an elderly loved one who would still be on the earth plane but would read like they had already died. I’ve even had instances where someone would feel like they were going back and forth.. Although this period of preparation may be comforting to the person in transition, it can appear very sad or even frustrating to family and friends around them who may not be aware of what is truly happening. I’ll also share some of the evidence I’ve received to know when loved ones may be in this transitioning phase.

We Choose the Memories We Take With Us When We Die

Usually someone actively transitioning will recount certain memories. Sometimes they are random or even ambiguous. During this process they are essentially “downloading” certain things from the human brain into the energy of the spiritual “mind”. This allows our loved ones in Spirit to remind us of certain things from when they were alive or give a medium specific evidence of who they are. They have carried the memory of that into the astral plane. It is a conscious decision for us as to what memories we want to take with us to the other side. Some souls choose to only carry highlights from their life so they become lighter on the side.

Is Dying Painful?

I’ve also learned a lot about if our loved ones consider death painful once they have crossed over. And uniformly the answer I’ve received is “no”. Their energy or spirit was already mostly on the other side so they do not recall what the body may have experienced in the last moments.

We Choose The Timing of Our Transition

Whether our loved one passed while no one was in the room or whether they waited for that one family member to finally arrive, it is important to remember that it was by choice. It was no coincidence. Many times, after reflecting, those of us left behind realize that however it happened it was for the best of everyone involved. As we die we are very connected to Spirit already and can make this type of decision from a higher perspective.

Who Greets Us When We Die

When we die we are greeted by a Welcome Committee composed of Spirit Guides and/or Loved Ones who have already crossed. This is usually a smaller contingent so as not to overwhelm. It’s typically Loved Ones we would most recognize and the Spirit Guides assigned to help us during our transition period. Listen as I discuss what happens once we are welcomed and who else joins in to help us acclimate to being in Spirit.

Thoughts And Insights From Loved Ones In Spirit

I’ll share some of the more common advice and insights that Spirit has shared with me in readings for their loved ones still on the earth plane. Spirit wants us to fully enjoy this life so that we can leave with no regrets. They want us to take full advantage of the physical senses we have here so that we can learn, grow, experience and share as much as possible during this existence.

I hope these messages give you the permission you need to fully live your purpose and follow your path. Here’s to staying Spiritual and Ambitious.



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Take advantage of every opportunity your Spirit Guides give you, so you don’t have regrets at the end of your life. – Whitney McNeill

Your Loved Ones in Spirit want us to enjoy this Earth Plane life as much as possible. – Whitney McNeill

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