What Does it Mean to Align Your Energy?

Jul 2, 2020Conversations with Spirit


What is alignment and what does it mean to have your energy aligned?


Continuing our focus on aligning our energy, we have to make our spiritual care and energetic alignment a priority. Moreover, when we are aligned, we can manifest opportunities quickly and our intuition is in the flow. Have you ever wondered what alignment is and what it means to have your energy aligned? Well, you know how good that feeling is when everything feels easy? That’s when we’re in alignment!


What is energy?


First, what is energy? Our energy is comprised of our emotional body, spirit body, physical body, spiritual body and mental body. When we come into alignment, we match our energy to the same high (or light) vibration rate as what we want to attract into our lives. If you’re familiar with Law of Attraction (LOA), you know that like attracts like. Our thoughts, emotions, how we vibrate, what our vibration rate is all impacts what we attract into our lives. As a result, we attract opportunities that are within that same vibration.


It’s really important as a spiritual individual that we continue to attract positive opportunities and we continue to move higher. Through my experience, I’ve seen spiritually aware people take a course, or a class, or focus on their alignment once or twice and then think they’re good to go forever. Full disclosure: I have been that person, too! For example, I thought: “I’ve got all the tools. I know how to meditate. I know how to do these things. I’m good!” Instead, my personal vibration was going on the back burner because I wanted to help so many other people. Have you ever felt that way?!


Symptoms of misalignment:


1)Feeling resentful because your energy is depleted.

This can happen when spiritual business owners who feel resentment for working all the time or even helping your clients because you’re not charging high enough. If your waiting list is a mile long and you feel like you’re working all the time, you may be out of alignment in your pricing.

On the other hand, In your personal life you may feel resentment pouring all your energy into helping others and not taking care of yourself.


2) Feeling tired all the time.

Make sure your physical health is in order, but feeling tired all the time indicates something is out of alignment and pay attention to your body’s need to rest.


3) Things feeling hard/hitting a wall

When it feels like it’s difficult to manifest an opportunity or reach a goal, you may be out of alignment.You may have blocks – scarcity, money, worthiness are all potential blocks knocking you out of alignment.

It takes continual effort – consistency – to remain in alignment. Surround yourself with people who vibrate at the same – or higher – frequencies, use the tools you have such as meditation or a course. Alignment is aligning to the frequency that you’re wanting to manifest opportunities.


Symptoms of being in alignment:


  • Things feel easy.
  • Manifestation is quick and fast.
  • You feel grateful and see the lessons in all situations.
  • Your intuition is faster, clearer, and comes in a more direct manner
  • Synchronicities abound.
  • When you want to up level your life, you allow yourself to have transitions and be ready for it.
  • You understand that everything happens for a reason and see things in a more positive light.
  • Feeling peace, going with the flow.



How do I know if I’m in alignment?


Everything we attract begins on an internal energy basis and continues to our external environment. For instance, are you surrounded by complainers, negativity, or people who don’t see the glass as half full? Check your alignment – you may be vibrating at a lower, more negative energy level.


When you’re ready to up level, be ready to make the changes to your internal energy to attract more of the people and experience you want in your life with ease. Be aware that the up level process can still feel scary – it’s not always a blissful feeling. We are afraid of our potential and that takes us back to our old vibration level. Just like any new routine, it takes consistency. The first couple of times it may feel more like a chore instead of joyful as you establish these new patterns. You’ll get there! As you align, you attract things that are more like you. As you vibrate higher, these things are more positive. You’ll see those things that are not supporting you drop away and that is OK!


What about blocks?


The key to shift into the alignment we want is to remove blocks. We have blocks from childhood, past lives, and even daily blocks from interactions with family, friends, society, social media, etc. It’s really important we do the work to remove these blocks as well as aligning your thoughts, energy, routine, and inspired action on a consistent basis to maintain your level and then continue to move higher. Sometimes these blocks will come back at a higher level and we have to work through them, because this is a process that will continue with us as we pass from the physical plane into the spiritual plane when we pass into spirit.

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