What Does 11:11 Really Mean?

Nov 13, 2019Conversations with Spirit

Do you see 11:11 often? Spirit is trying to communicate with you.

One of the most common signs your Spirit Guides are around is seeing 11:11. This happens quite a bit after spiritually “waking up.” If your Intuitive abilities aren’t fully developed, seeing number patterns is an easy way your Spirit Helpers can say hello and confirm you are on the right path.

Of course, you don’t have to have your Intuitive abilities open in order to see repeating number patterns, but it is really key if you want to know WHY they are sending you these signs.

If you start to notice number patterns on bumper stickers, clocks, receipts totals, and license plates, pay attention to what you were thinking at that moment. Often times, it’s your Guides saying, “Yes, do that!”

Depending on the situation, your Helpers could just be saying hello or they could be asking you to pay attention to your thoughts.

Other number patterns could be cropping up into your awareness, too. Watch the video for more details:)

If you wanna know the primary way your Spirit Guides most likely communicate with you, take this free Quiz.

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