We Are All Mediums

Feb 12, 2020Conversations with Spirit

You are a Medium. We are all Mediums!

Yes, I speak the truth. If you’ve ever given someone an “Intuitive” message….that is Mediumship.

If you’ve ever engaged in spiritual healing…. that is Mediumship.

If you’ve ever given a stranger some amazing advice and you have no idea where that wisdom came from… that is Mediumship.

Those are just some examples.

You are born super sensitive, not sensitive at all, or somewhere in between.

Just because you have a natural inherent skill set (or lack thereof) doesn’t mean that you can’t develop mediumship skills (or tone and refine them if they are way out there!)

In this video I talk about:

  • How it is a choice to develop Mediumship.
  • How thinking about it without action helps and hurts your Mediumship skills.
  • The best way to be validated on what you are receiving from Spirit.
  • The benefits of Mediumship training.

By the way…I would LOVE to see you in the 2 Hour Discover Your Mediumship Workshop right here.

See you in the video!


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