Simple Ways to Increase Your Intuition

Jan 17, 2019Conversations with Spirit

Why increase your Intuition? I can give you a lot of reasons. (You can find them in my video: “5 Reasons to Listen to Your Intuition”.)

The best one I can give you is: because you wanna fine tune your “radio station” to pick up on the extremely helpful guidance from your Spirit Helpers and all the energy that is around you!

You can do this through your  “hunches, feelings, knowings, sights & sounds” you get from your unique Intuitive super power. You wanna know the next steps to take, right?

YES?! Then hot diggity! ? This video is for you.

I’m sharing 3 simple practical ways to increase your Intuition throughout your day.

I break down these bigger ideas into tangible real world examples.

Bigger ideas:

  1. Lighten your vibe.
  2. Take advantage of new opportunities.
  3. Be consistent.

They may sound simple, but I like to show you easy ways to achieve it in the video.

Yesterday, one of my clients gave me a compliment and said, “Whitney you are the most balanced and grounded metaphysical practitioner I know.”

Super sweet. ? Now, I can’t say I am that ALL the time, but I do try. The world of Spirit can be woo-woo for some. BUT.. it really isn’t, once you get the hang of things. It’s not some “crazy out there hard to wrap your mind around stuff.” At least, I don’t think of it that way. So I try to explain a whole bunch of gray, in black and white… as best I can.

This is video is under 6 minutes.(5:55 to be exact for those of you that like Master numbers.) So, if you are at work or in the middle of your to-do list, take a breather.

See ya in the video!

If you want to connect to your Intuition, learn how you specifically receive your messages in this free Quiz.


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