Calling all spiritually ambitious, intuitive souls ready to fully step into their spiritual gifts.

Connect to Your Spirit Guides, Break Through Your Abundance Blocks, & Claim Your Life Purpose

A 12-week journey of connecting to your intuition & purpose while creating the abundance you deserve. It’s time to stop second-guessing & learn to trust and love yourself.

Calling all spiritually ambitious, intuitive souls ready to fully step into their spiritual gifts.

Connect to Your Spirit Guides, Break Through Your Abundance Blocks, & Claim Your Life Purpose

A 12-week journey of connecting to your intuition & purpose while creating the abundance you deserve. It’s time to stop second-guessing and learn to trust and love yourself.

Hi! I’m Whitney — and I want to help you stop second-guessing your spiritual gifts and start trusting your intuition with confidence so you can make aligned choices that feel true to the real YOU.

(P.S. And we’ll get you there faster — through lessons, hot seats, live training, and a weekly mentor — that’s me! — and your Spirit Guides for support. 

Whether or not you call yourself a Lightworker,  you’re here for a purpose.

You were put on this earth for something more, even if you don’t what what it is yet.

But you do know you want to live your life purpose, manifest aligned opportunities, and use your spiritual gifts to help others, right? It’s time to stop conforming to who you think you’re supposed to be, and start being who you really are. 

I know that as an energy-sensitive person who feels like they’ve had an intuitive moment (or ten), you’re *finally* ready to:

Open your intuition and trust your spiritual abilities (no more doubting the messages coming through)

Clearly connect to your Spirit Guides (they’re going to be your favorite team ever)

Feel confident on the next steps toward your life purpose (life’s short, and your purpose awaits!)

Control and hone your empathic abilities (say goodbye to energy vampires!)

Make aligned decisions towards your life purpose (with your Spirit Guides nudging you in the right direction every step of the way)

Receive an abundance of aligned opportunities (so that you can claim your worth and support those around you while you’re at it!)

I’m sure you’ve already been looking for a way to trust and understand the Intuitive messages you get, while controlling your sensitivity and having a support system to get you there.

(It feels confusing — I know!)

what*every* spiritually intuitive person must know

→ Connecting to your intuition & Spirit Guides is the missing key that will allow you to align with your life purpose, attract financially abundant opportunities in your life, and lighten your vibration to clearly receive intuitive messages!

When you’re connected to your Guides, you’ll also…

Find a sense of relief, wholeness, completion, and support — you’re not alone!

Give you the right guidance you need to make important decisions.

Remove fear, and have trust and have confidence in your intuitive gifts.

BUT HERE’S WHAT YOU MIGHT NOT KNOW about your intuition & spirit guides…

When you consistently make your intuition a priority and learn the right techniques to clearly communicate with your Spirit Guides, you can:

Align with your life purpose & Find that “missing piece”

Accurately receiving intuitive guidance from your Spirit Guides gives you insight to up-level your life so that you can fully live in your purpose and make what you’ve been dreaming about a reality! You are here for a purpose, and when you align fully to that purpose, your cup is full and you feel a sense of completion. 

Stop second-guessing yourself

You’ll no longer have to second-guess decisions, or get stuck in “I-don’t-know-what-to-do-so-I-won’t-do-anything” syndrome, when you are connected “in” to your Spirit Guidance. Finally trust the messages you receive!

Manifest the right opportunities, relationships and financial abundance

Your vibration becomes lighter, so you start attracting relationships and opportunities that are in alignment with your new mindset, sensitivity, and vibration. Your Spirit Helpers seek out those new situations and people for you, and then guide you to them. Manifesting changes in your career, house, or partner to spend your life with? Hearing your divine guidance to say yes to the aligned opportunities, and no to the ones that aren’t for you is key. (More on that in my own story later!) When you do the work to remove blocks and increase your self-value, you start to seeing more financial opportunities appear, too! SCORE! This alone can be LIFE CHANGING. *We all start out in different places and have different life challenges, but one thing holds true – your Spirit Guides are giving you divine guidance you need in the moment.

Feel confident and trust yourself in making intuitively aligned decisions

When you’re consistent in working with your Spirit Guides, the easier it is to receive your Intuitive messages. When you’re connected to your Guides, they help laser focus your clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and/or claircognizance channels, and you no longer feel confused, fearful, or anxious that you are getting the right messages. You’re able to move forward on your path with confidence.

Stop energy drain & Heal your Spirit

No more energy vampires, please! Learn techniques to protect others from draining your energy, so that you can experience an increase in your energy levels. When you connect to your inherent abilities and worth, you learn to love yourself and heal your Spirit.

Remove blocks and kick unworthiness to the curb

Yes, the messages you receive are worth listening to and everything you attract into your life can truly be intentional! It’s time to claim your worthiness. You deserve all the abundance you can handle and can attract your intention. (Job, relationship, money, happiness, etc.) You’ll become more aware of what’s been holding you back so you can remove them.

I wanna connect fully to my Intuition, Spirit Guides, and Abundance! YES!

*Finally* uncover your true purpose!

“I used to feel so out of touch with myself and was really looking for something more meaningful and exciting in my life — I’ve always wanted to help others but never knew how to get the ball rolling! When I joined IAA, I was spiritually curious and wanted to have a better connection with source — and it all confirmed that I am an empathic helper. Now, I have the tools I need to bring in more balance, declutter and get aligned so I can live a more authentic and meaningful life. Plus, I can finally put a finger on what my purpose truly is!”

– Katrina Russell, Account Manager

I’m fully supported! I’m really intuitive.

“I wanted to see if I had intuition, and after taking Intuition Abundance Academy, I can intuitively and accurately read Oracle Cards and know that I am intuitive – for real. Spirit WANTS to communicate and I’m not alone in this life and am fully supported.”

– Krystal Rodgers

One program. Endless ways to connect with your spirit team.

“Before, I only had a high-level understanding of how to develop my intuition and I was so confused about my direction in life and my purpose. Now: I’ve discovered multiple ways to communicate with my guides, who in turn support my inner guidance toward achieving my life purpose… And these connections have led me to surrender to my goal of writing my memoir! Even better — every hot seat call helped me feel like I was sitting with Whitney in person. I loved it!”

– Dawn L. Anderson, Writer & Author

Stop questioning, start manifesting.

“Before, I used to question the messages I received. But now I’m finally able to communicate consistently with Spirit and manifest successfully on a consistent basis!”

– Denise Lawson, Entrepreneur (owner of Elite Research, LLC)

Even though it’s obvious why you want to increase your intuition and communicate with your Spirit Guides, the path to doing so successfully is anything but.

Now, how the heck do I do it and make sense of what I’m getting?

If you’re still reading, then I don’t have to tell you that it can be butterflies-in-your-tummy-exciting to develop your intuition to talk to Spirit. (Not to mention that it can also be super exciting to think about all the possibilities you can create when increasing your financial abundance.)

You can’t wait to see, hear, feel, and know Spirit is around you and to actually receive your Spirit helper’s guidance.

And if you already do… You’re eager to learn techniques that protect your energy from being “on” all the time. You don’t want to be too open or drained by needy or negative people.

If you are really serious about developing your intuition, you most likely have already invested in meditations, retreats, readings, and books, but you probably haven’t found a consistent system that teaches you:

How to receive, understand, and trust your messages on a consistent basis

Who you are taking to in Spirit, and how to control your sensitivity

And haven’t found a step-by-step blueprint of how to receive your Intuitive messages without all the fluff and woo-woo…

Ugh… That’s left you trying to piece a system together and figuring everything out on your own.

Intuitive seekers put it on the back burner because they can’t trust or understand their messages without a clear structure in place or without a mentor to guide them.

Self-doubt creeps in and smashes all of the excitement into fear, frustration, and trust-crushing confusion.

Here’s why most people don’t succeed in receiving Spirit messages:

Without the right techniques, consistency, a mentor, and support for all the questions that come up along the way, when traveling along their Spiritual journey, talking to Spirit can be kinda scary. When they feel like they have ZERO guidance, it’s just easier to give up.

→ Without a step-by-step plan, personal guidance from an experienced mentor, and a community that understands your unique gifts deeply… Most intuitives are completely lost.

Here’s why this blocks you from receiving intuitive messages from your Spirit Guides:

You’ve finally committed to making your intuition and receiving Spirit messages a priority, which can positively and radically change your life direction toward your life purpose. But whenever you get confused, frustrated, and feel lost (not to mention unsupported by people that don’t understand you and think this is all woo-woo nonsense), it’s almost impossible to regain your energy.

Let’s be honest:

The overwhelm is real. If it’s complicated, you aren’t gonna do it!

You’re already drained from grumpy co-workers, time-sucking tasks, and needy people, so you don’t have TIME or the mental energy to figure this out on your own.

It takes way too much time to piece together your spiritual education through YouTube videos (like those Wayne Dyer meditations), Netflix specials (like Brene Brown’s mindset talk), Gabby Bernstein talks, or Hay House books. Maybe if you buy more crystals, oracle card decks, and binge watch the Long Island Medium and Hollywood Medium long enough, you’ll become more Intuitive through osmosis, but it’s doubtful. (At least you have your TUT messages and Daily Om’s that pop into your inbox!)

If you want to clearly receive Intuitive messages, align to your life purpose, and attract abundance, what you *really* need is…

A mentor who holds space for your unique journey and expansion.

Someone who you can ask your endless questions to — and a community who’s going through the same stuff you are.

Most importantly, you need someone who can teach you how ALL OF THIS actually works and comes together, so that you don’t have to randomly piece stuff together, scour the internet, stock up on Hay House books, wear out your Oracle card deck for answers and wonder “how do I get started accessing my gifts and abundance?” ever again!

When you have the right basics down, you can grow your intuition and spirit connection day after day, week after week, and year after year, and confidently receive your messages.

There’s no more confusion about which steps to take so you can stop feeling like you’re suffocating in a box waiting for the change you want to so badly make that never comes.

That is… If you can avoid the 8 biggest blocks that stop sensitives from connecting and receiving messages from their Spirit Guides.


(and “new” mantras you need to overcome them, instead.)


“I don’t have the time”


“I make time for myself. My time is valuable.”

Whoa, this is a big one! Intuitive seekers fail to make the time to actually do the exercises, and naturally, don’t create consistency with their Spirit Guides.

They automatically assume that it’s gonna take hours and hours of meditation or reading, and they just don’t think they can add any more to their plate.

(Oh, I SO get this one. I used to feel that way, too.)

Real talk:

Chatting with your Spirit Guides can take as little as 15 minutes a day! So…start carving time out in your day to talk to your Spirit Guides. In the program I teach you that once you put your intuition as a priority, you actually SAVE time in your day by only doing things you intuitively feel aligned to do. 


“I can’t afford this”

YOUR NEW MANTRA → “I am worthy of abundance.

I invest in myself.”

Now, if you are really struggling to put food on the table or are on disability, then please don’t take this program. This will add too much stress in your life, and you won’t come into the program with the right mindset! If it’s just not in the budget for you, a great affirmation is, “I choose not to invest at this time.”

But if you are feeling uncomfortable breaking through a new limit, I get it. When you say, “I can’t afford this,” you’re creating a thought-based limit for yourself that doesn’t want change to happen. Changing your frequency to, “I invest in myself,” can help shift that mindset.

Real talk:

Looking back now, I was so afraid to invest in my first ever online program. However, I still did it and it taught me a life-long asset. I realized how small the investment was compared to the amazing value I received. That’s what I aim to do for you in this program!

There really is a limitless value to put on connecting to your Intuition to align your life, live your life purpose, make aligned decisions, and increase financial and spiritual prosperity. The purpose of the program is to help you align to even more abundance in your life!



YOUR NEW MANTRA → “When I am aligned spiritually, all areas of my life are aligned. I am surrounded by love and support. I welcome new like-minded friends. It’s okay to put myself first.”

Some spiritual seekers put everyone else first, and may feel embarrassed telling their spouse and family they are taking money out of the family budget work on their Intuition. While we are born with spiritual abilities, it doesn’t mean we know how to use them. We actually need training, techniques, and guidance because they don’t teach this stuff in school. You also might be scared people will think you’re weird.

Real talk:

It’s time to PUT YOURSELF AND YOUR INTUITION FIRST. It’s not selfish, and it’s about darn time. In fact, when you receive an Intuitive feeling to tell your spouse to apply for that new job that Spirit told you he/she would get, and they do… They will totally thank you! It’s great to share your decisions with others, as long as they don’t make the decision FOR YOU. You don’t need anyone’s permission to BE who you really ARE.

Putting yourself out there might feel a little uncomfortable if you are an introvert (like me), but when you do, you start to see your “people” show up.

It’s time to surround yourself with supportive and uplifting people that “light you up,” and NOT bring you down. One of the outcomes of our program is to give you more confidence to be who you really are and make lasting connections with like-minded people.


“I’m scared to talk to my Spirit Guides”

YOUR NEW MANTRA → I trust in the Divine. I am safe.

When we first start out talking to spirit, we might actually stand in our own way because we are scared of what it will look like when we actually DO get our messages.

Real talk:

You don’t have to sleep with the covers above your head. When you develop your intuition in the RIGHT WAY, there’s no need for fear. Your Spirit Helpers only want the best for you, and they will be ever-so-careful to make sure you don’t run away from your intuition.

So, it’s time to start developing your Intuitive skills in a safe, effective way, and get support when those little “OH MY GHOST” moments come up. (and no, there aren’t any ghosts.) And this program does just that.

If you’re cringing inwardly thinking, “um, I *absolutely* have these blocks” and yet, you still feel a calling to go deeper…

This is a clear opportunity (or spiritual test depending on the way you look at it) to lean into your intuition and TRUST what you’re receiving.

I want to finally live my purpose.

I want to prioritize my gifts and stop feeling drained.

I want to trust and have confidence in what my intuition is saying!

I’m ready to remove blocks like second-guessing and [email protected]

I don’t want to feel “crazy” or weird anymore for receiving messages I don’t always understand.

(Oh, and I want to finally understand them!!)

I’m tired of trying to figure out how to connect to my Spirit Guides, inner knowing and unique gifts all by myself.

I want a spiritual mentor who will guide me forward.

I deserve an abundance of aligned opportunities in my life.

If your intuition took the mic to announce any of these statements ^^ right now… 

With your permission, I would LOVE to show you just how to do this!


The *only* foundational, step-by-step 12-week spiritual mentoring and group coaching program that teaches you how to confidently connect to your Spirit Guides, clearly receive intuitive messages and remove blocks to abundance… 

So that you can identify and align fully to your life purpose, attract aligned opportunities and start trusting your spiritual gifts while creating the abundance you so deserve.

Say hello to…

  • Weekly lessons and training (lifetime access)
  • Live Q&A and coaching calls with Whitney
  • Personalized mentoring and support from Whitney in a group environment.
  • New like-minded, spiritual community members
  • Additional support from our select Intuition Abundance Alumni Mentors
  • Exclusive bonuses — including guided meditations, mini-courses, past life experiences and more!

For beginners and intermediate spiritual students alike who want a core foundation and step by step process to understand their intuitive gifts, connect to their Spirit Guides, claim their purpose, and step fully into their worth. 

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned about communicating with spirit from my work with thousands of clients and students and channeled it into a comprehensive, step-by-step coaching, training and mentoring program to effectively receive your intuitive messages — and overcome your blocks. 

If there was ever a one-stop spiritual shop to pick up all the foundational skills — with a mentor guiding you every step of the way — Intuition Abundance Academy is IT.

– Meredith Johnson, Entrepreneur


Keeps Your Time In Mind, So You Don’t Feel Overwhelmed

Even if you’re juggling the kids, on the go, or about to go on vacation, you can come back to this course at any time. You get lifetime access and can go at your own pace. Plus, a new module opens up each week, so you don’t feel overwhelmed with all the information!

Gives You A Streamlined, Easy System To Communicate With Your Spirit Guides

The program is designed to get you the quickest results possible from start to finish. Everything you need to catapult your Intuition is all in one place and taught in the order you need! From learning about who your Spirit Guides are and what your Intuition means to having a full blown conversation with them. No more piecing things together!

Helps Spiritually Curious Students Open Up And Hone Their Skills

It doesn’t matter if you are a complete newbie at a beginner level who wants to develop and open your Intuitive abilities, or if you’ve had previous intuitive training and are super sensitive and need to hone and refine your gifts. This program assumes nothing and starts at ground zero so that you get all of the education you need about Spirit Guides, Intuition, and how to receive your messages, while giving you techniques to control and manage super sensitive abilities.

Teaches You Protection Techniques To Control Your Sensitivity And Empathic Ability

Whether you need help protecting yourself from energy drain at work from all the negative co-workers and negative naysayers in the family, or you are a practicing Medium, counselor, or coach who needs to block emotional energy from clients, you need a thorough foundation and structure to support your work with this course. You’ll get effective techniques so you know where your energy begins and ends, and get relief from the energy vampires.

Shows You How To Communicate With Spirit To Clearly Receive Intuitive Messages In A Safe, Consistent, Effective Way So That You Aren’t “On” All The Time

This program teaches a super safe and effective way to communicate with Spirit protecting you from energy drain and negative energies. You’ll only be talking to the RIGHT spirits around you through tried-and-true techniques. You don’t want to be “on” all the time, so we talk about boundaries to make sure you live in balance!

Gives You Personalized Support & Mentoring

This isn’t a love you and leave you type of program! This is a group coaching and mentoring program where you get to ask questions to your fellow students, PLUS you will get me on LIVE video answering your personal Intuition questions. You will need that support as you learn your intuitive language and take steps towards your life purpose. You can also apply for one of our hot seats inside our live training to get more personalized attention.

Creates A Safe Environment To Open Up & Dive Deep

You’ve gotta do the work if you want any results. In order to do that, we need to hold a safe space for you to pour out your emotions, remove blocks, and redefine your new identity with money, life purpose, and how to receive your messages. It can feel a little like open heart surgery when we are being so vulnerable! We make sure the energy is clear.

If you’re still reading this, you know that it’s time to FINALLY put yourself first — and I know that Intuition Abundance Academy will give you the space and support to bring in more balance so you can live a more aligned, abundant life in tandem with your life purpose.

Are you ready to prioritize your path, purpose and unique gifts?

I’m finally claiming my power & trusting my intuition.

“When I joined IAA, I was seeking more spirituality — I knew I had a strong sense of intuition, but I was ignoring it most of the time. I was stressed, stuck in a rut and so uncertain about what was to come next in my life. This program showed me a whole new way of being in the world! I’ve learned to trust my intuition more, understand where my blocks are and most importantly, learned that the core fear I had was really claiming my power. Now, I have so much more confidence in myself, my guides and my angels! I feel so surrounded by love and light and have much clearer boundaries with the feelings of others — I can finally be supportive without taking on other emotions and feeling drained afterwards.

I feel like I’m at the dawn of a new way of life, thanks to IAA. Whitney’s energy, support and the other students create such a nurturing space to expand your boundaries and become more of who you truly are!”

– Kathie Battillo, Project Manager


“I wanted to begin my life purpose and felt confused. Intuition Abundance Academy started me on the correct path and I’m excited about it. My life looks successful and blissful since taking the program.”

– Beatrice Saunds

I’ve broken out of the golden handcuffs to live my life purpose!

“I was so excited for IAA and knew it was the next step for my journey. However, I’ve always held emotions around fear and often second guessed myself. But IAA brought me front in center to become closer with my Spirit Guides, travel and embark on a new journey where I realize having abundance in different forms is not selfish — instead, it allows me to fulfill my highest power and life purpose of a healer.

I’ve learned to step into my own power, claim that power and not fear it! I have a ways to go, but being able to trust and feel good about it is a relief. It brought clarity to the way my heart leans, versus the path I’m directed or always been comfortable with. It also helped me to understand that I could still follow my path and that I can break out of the golden handcuffs and box to live my life purpose.

If you’re even thinking about it, go for it! Put the time in and you’ll reap the rewards.”

– Michelle Leigh, Entrepreneur

Want to take a peek inside the program?

Here’s *exactly* what’s included in Intuition Abundance Academy…

And how our 12 weeks together are designed to help you make the time to cultivate more intuitive confidence, overcome old patterns and start trusting more deeply in yourself.

We will start with lessons inside 4 Intuitive Languages™ to make sure you are aligned to receive and understand your Intuitive messages.


Now that you’ve decided to take the first steps on your Intuitive journey, you’ve got to know who you are talking to in the Spirit world. If you don’t, it leads to confusion, frustration, and can be a big safety concern.

You want to make sure you are talking with the RIGHT Spirits around you.

I’ll demystify the difference between all your Spirit Helpers (specific types of Spirit Guides, Loved Ones, and Angels,) and you will start the communication process with specific Guides. Even if you have no prior knowledge, I break it down into simple easy to follow steps so that you know all the ins and outs of who is around you.

Module Highlights:
  • Determine if you are an Intuitive, Psychic, or a Medium. 
  • Plan your Spirit conversations and create consistency for long lasting connection. 
  • Meet the Spirit Guides around you and learn about their specialties and how they help you. 
  • Learn about the TWO MAIN Spirit Guides for your Intuitive journey and the roles they play in your Intuitive development. 
  • Receive chemistry/sensitivity adjustments to more clearly receive their messages.


Now that you’ve learned ALL the ins and outs of your Spirit Guides, you’ve got to prepare your energy to effectively receive their messages!

Spirit is very light and we are heavier, so you need techniques to become a lighter “receiver.”

Here’s you’ll identify blocks and obstacles bogging you down and start to remove them so you can be a clear channel. It’s time for some housekeeping!

Module Highlights:
  • Investigate and identify blocks to your Intuition with worksheets to help pinpoint your specific block. 
  • Understand and learn about how your Energy System operates, and which chakras help you with Intuition. 
  • Increase your vibrational energy and use techniques to become a clear channel. 
  • Clear out issues with your 3rd eye and solar plexus, and strengthen the energy and mind.


Now that you have a better understanding and handle of your energy & your Spirit Guides, it’s time to pave the way to receiving your messages — let’s call it the “prep” of Spirit communication!

One of the most important components of positive life altering changes starts with our MINDSET. When our mindset is in alignment with our goals and our Spirit Guides are on the same page, we manifest the perfect opportunities and relationships in our life.

However, you HAVE to have the perfect affirmations in place for your goals, and that’s exactly what I will teach you in this module.

After you’ve crafted the perfect one, we prepare the runway for Spirit messages by clearing our mind. This is THE MOST IMPORTANT step in all of the program. If you don’t clear your mind, it can prevent you from receiving messages accurately and really throw you off balance. Clearing the mind is also a safety precaution — I’ll tell you why in the lessons.

Module Highlights:
  • Plan and prep your time to talk with Spirit with our “Step-by-Step Spirit Guide Meeting Planner”, so you’ll never be confused about what to say when you talk with them. 
  • Create life-changing affirmations (seriously!) and download the “Affirmation Creation Formula” to craft the PERFECT mindset for your goals and Life Purpose.
  • Learn quick, easy, and effective techniques to easily clear your mind in 5 seconds to prepare for Spirit messages.


After clearing your mind in the last module, it’s time to actually receive your Spirit messages in your own unique Intuitive language.

I’ll teach you all about the different ways Spirit communicates with you, what it looks, sounds, feels, and IS like to experience an Intuitive/Spirit message.

There are four main types of Intuitive Languages, plus a couple that aren’t widely known that I refer to as “icing on the cake.”

You can have a combination of all of the languages, so it is important to learn all of them, not to mention that they can change over the years and as your sensitivity changes, too!

Module Highlights:
  • Understand all the different ways Spirit can give you messages. 
  • Receive answers to:
    • “What does it look like when I get a clairvoyant message?”
    • “How do I tell the difference between my Mind and Spirit’s message?”
    • “Do I feel emotions or touch when Spirit communicates?”
    • “I don’t see, hear, or feel Spirit… do I get messages another way?”
  • Determine your primary Intuitive language: Seer, Owl, Empath, or Channeler, and streamline your receptivity to the messages you receive. 
  • Download & create your Spirit symbol dictionary and learn what symbols Spirit can send (and the meanings) when someone is clairvoyant.


You now know about Spirit, your energy, how to prep for and receive Intuitive messages, but what do the messages mean?

The 4 Intuitive Languages™ are indeed new languages you are learning, so we’ve got to establish the meaning of symbols, sounds, sensations, and gut knowings that come through for us. Guess what? We don’t determine the meaning, but our Spirit Guides DO. We better learn their process, right?

In this module, I show you how to have a conversation with your Spirit Guides, and how to determine the meaning of each “word” coming in through the Intuitive “sentence.”

You’ll see my personal conversation with my Guides, and you watch me coach someone else through the process to understand their messages.

The BEST WAY to feel comfortable with your messages is through experience and exercises, so I’ve packed them in for you to trust and understand what you receive, as well as become MORE SENSITIVE and receptive to their energy.

Module Highlights:
  • Participate in a Spirit circle to develop and enhance your Intuitive sensitivity to your Spirit Guides.
  • Learn HOW, understand, and trust the process of the unique way you receive your Spirit messages. Understand the meaning of your Spirit symbols, feelings, words, and knowings (even tastes and smells, too!) 
  • Get in the flow of having a conversation with Spirit and receiving their messages – let it become part of your natural routine. 
  • Get your own guidance on the next steps of your life path, and move into your Life Purpose by asking your Spirit Guides to create opportunities for you. Receive their guidance on the next steps you need to take to make it happen!


You’ve learned so much and are now ready to refine, enhance, and control your Intuitive process by adding new techniques!

It’s also time to make sure your energy is protected from needy and negative people that drain your energy whether it’s your negative co-workers, your unsupportive friend, or that person that always seems to make the conversation about them. Now that you’ve become more sensitive, you have to take extra precautions so that you aren’t wide open all the time. Empaths need to pay close attention to these exercises!

You’ll start with an energy cleansing routine to remove outside residue that you may have inadvertently picked up. Learning all of these skills set you up for a lifetime of success to master your Intuition!

Module Highlights:
  • Perform an “energy boundary check” with a partner or by yourself. In order to manage energy drain, it’s key to know where your energy starts and stops. 
  • Learn your personal protection color vibration and create an “Aura Bubble” of protection. You will also find out which colors NOT to use, too. Become “invisible” to negative energy and protect yourself from negative people. 
  • Receive validation through a partner exercise, which is TECHNICALLY an introduction to Mediumship. Nope, you don’t have to have a friend do this, you can ask someone in the group to partner up. This is key to trusting your messages! 
  • Choose from several cleansing & empowering techniques to use during your day to easily integrate into your normal routine. You choose to use visualizations, or actual tangible tools to help you clear your aura & mind each and everyday of your life. 
  • Learn how to perceive and see auras 
  • Use your body as an intuitive tool, telling you which direction to go.


One of the biggest challenges I hear from my students is, “Whitney, once I receive Intuitive messages, how do I know what my life purpose IS?” They don’t know how to find it or what their life purpose actually is.

And I know first-hand just how important this next step will be for you when you’re ready. Shifting your career, attracting the right relationships, starting your own business… I’m sure you are wondering how to get there.

I am passionate about helping you learn how to receive intuitive messages from your spirit guides first, BUT I also know you are anticipating how you will point your compass to the direction of your dreams, and that is why I decided to include training in the program.

After this training, we’ll have LIVE calls and 1:1 coaching sessions with Whitney in front of the group to help you:


After you receive Intuitive messages from your Spirit Guides, you’ve still gotta do the work to lighten your energy, remove blocks, and start taking action on the messages you receive from your Spirit Guides.

  • Work through the fear and doubt and start taking those steps in these 4 LIVE real-time sessions. 
  • See your classmates and your teacher in a virtual class environment, live on video.
  • Classes will be through Zoom. (Zoom is free to you!) Each session, hot seats will be randomly chosen to help walk students personally through their situation. Learn from the collective consciousness. 
  • All lessons will be recorded, if you can’t make it live. 
  • Start making aligned decisions with your Spirit Guides and get out of your own way!
  • Live coaching with Whitney to personally get answers to your questions.
  • Step into the most financially abundant version of yourself, with guidance from your Spirit Guides.

Get all of the above in the FULL Intuition Abundance Academy Mentoring Program ($4,997 value)

PLUS: These exclusive bonuses…


The #1 complaint I hear over and over again from students is they don’t have anyone to talk to about this Spirit stuff.

Well, here ya go. I’ve created a community for you, so you don’t feel so alone out there. In the group, there will be people of all different ages, backgrounds, and experience.

This is a member’s run group, so members are there to help, support, and motivate each other in this program. FINALLY, a group of people that “get you”!

      Bonus Highlights:
  • Enjoy 12 weeks of this private group with fellow new students. After 12 weeks, you’ll get access to our private Facebook Alumni Group!
  • Discuss course topics with other like-minded members and receive their support and guidance.
  • Personalized support from our selected Intuition Abundance Academy Alumni mentors
  • Tap into the collective knowledge, experience, and insights of Intuitive seekers that have similar Intuitive goals. Support & encouragement from a group of like-minded people is so helpful. Ask your community questions, and receive their support.
  • Troubleshoot any hang up quickly with your fellow Intuitive helpers


I’ll hold space for your questions and answer them weekly! Sometimes, we even create our own blocks and need someone to help us get past them.

Asking questions and having support is the best way to continue to move forward on your journey. Because let’s be real here… We are never gonna get to a place of all-knowing in this lifetime!

      Bonus Highlights:
  • Receive weekly opportunities to submit your questions in advance or have them answered LIVE throughout the program.
  • If you can’t attend live, no big deal — all sessions will be recorded and in the group for you to view later!


When we talk about energy, we HAVE to address the chakra system! In this mini-course, you’ll learn to identify your chakras, how to balance them, and sense when there is an imbalance.

You also get two handy-dandy chakra sheets to download, too. It tells you all about how chakras correspond to the different physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual components of our energetic make-up. Learn which crystals & essential oils work best!

Bonus Highlights:
  • Enjoy a video lesson, and download audio and visuals.
  • Download the “Chakra Cheat Sheet” to quickly see what colors, sounds, crystals, and oils correspond.
  • Download the chakra info sheet to learn even more about imbalances and what the chakras DO.


Clear, strengthen & open your intuitive centers AND meet your Spirit Guides to become lighter!

We all need a little extra help to “get the dust out” and clear obstacles. I’ve got four guided meditations to help you with just that! You get immediate access to them all when you enroll.

Bonus Highlights:
  • White Light Meditation – Strengthen & Clear Your Aura & Mind.
  • Meeting Your Spirit Guides Meditation – Get To Know your Spirit Guides!
  • 3rd Eye & Solar Plexus Meditation – Clear & Balance Your Two Main Intuitive Centers.
  • Lighten Your Energy & Remove Guilt/Fear/Ego/Anger Meditation – Unblock What Holds You Back From Receiving Your Messages

Why is Intuition Abundance Academy the answer you’ve been seeking, when you’ve been trying to figure out how to tap into your intuition and access abundance for so long?

Because once you make the space to master and learn the fundamentals, the potential to shift your life into more alignment and attract the opportunities you deserve are ENDLESS.

You could…

Go from living on autopilot to letting go of what no longer serves you, like Elizabeth… 

“I’d been working on autopilot for years and never had the fundamentals I needed to grow and mature my intuitive gifts. I knew it was time to shake things up, remove my limiting beliefs and get out of my comfort zone, and IAA was something I’d just been waiting to find. It’s given me the courage to look beyond what I thought was possible — to be able to help myself, my family and others to live with more abundance! I also realized that my Spirit Guides have been with me since I was a child, and through my adult years. Now, I can communicate with them and work with them. How wonderful is that!?

It’s wonderful to start letting go of what no longer serves me. Your energy becomes lighter, and more at peace. I don’t feel as nervous or stressed anymore, due to picking up other people’s energy and carrying it with me. I feel more confident in myself and I am willing to receive abundance in my life. I’ve realized that our state of mind and trusting the flow is really important. It is so hard to let go of control but I know it is part of the process! IAA was totally worth the investment. You won’t be disappointed!”

– Elizabeth Pearce, Entrepreneur and Spiritual Teacher

… And even attract your dream job, financial abundance and multiply your impact, like Michelle did! … 

“I’ve always been an energetic junkie and able to manifest a couple of things, but feeling content always left me open to energy vampires who leave me feeling derailed! I knew there was more to my spiritual journey, but I never had the time to stop and learn — and honestly, I was afraid of my own power and unconsciously rejecting it.

Intuition Abundance Academy helped me validate my own spiritual beliefs, made me realize I wasn’t too far off the mark and that I’m not alone in my bubble! I feel I’ve been given all the tools I need to continually improve my journey, because it really is a forever journey. I’ve been able to talk to spirit, astral project and every lesson and hot seat session was thought provoking. I also landed the job I wanted, received a financial windfall and my best friend overcame cancer — and I had a lot of meetings with my guides to send healing her way! I’m so grateful that Whitney shared her mastery with us and helped me realize my own value and overcome fear of forgiving myself, talking to spirit, manage my empathic abilities, using crystals and even past life regressions. My life looks so much brighter, re-energized and valued.”

– Michelle Sosenko, ICU Nurse

Oh, and you HAVE to hear what happened to Renee when she joined — it’ll knock your crystals right off their grid.

Hear how Glady’s says she has to pinch herself now when she looks at her bank account…

I didn’t think twice about joining IAA. I signed up right away!

“I knew I had the ability to communicate with spirit, however I had no understanding or direction of how to use it. When I learned about IAA, I didn’t think twice — I just signed up. And my life has only gotten better since!

IAA gave me the guidance and lessons needed to help me realize what I had been working with, basically my whole life. It filled in the blanks while teaching me things I would have never really known! IAA also provided a major support system, from the FB groups, other classmates, and the mentors. I realized that I had a lot of guilt and baggage that was not serving me in any way, and that I needed to release all of it. I’m talking about years of stuff that was not adding anything to my life! It was a liberating moment that instantly made me feel lighter and more connected to my higher self. Oh — and now, I can have a fluid conversation with my Spirit Guides!

The abundance that has come into my life, now that I fully understand communication and shifting my mindset, has been so amazing and keeps me energized to continue to work on my spiritual self. I feel more centered on my life’s path. If you’re thinking about joining — trust me, you found this course because your guides wanted you to take advantage of it. Don’t think, just take inspired action and join!”

– Renee Guagdano, Entrepreneur


I removed limiting beliefs, connected with my Guides, and friend in Spirit.

“What I’ve truly learned is the key thing to manifesting is aligning our energy to what we want. Before the program, I never respected money the way it should be , and I’m proud to say I’ve had more money in my bank account this year. Those limiting beliefs..taking them out of existence and thinking BIG.

My biggest win is connecting with my Spirit Guides and my best friend who passed into Spirit 12 years ago. She definitely lets me know her presence when she is around.”

– Maurice

I’m so much happier now!

“I used to question the messages I was receiving and where they were coming from. I would randomly receive messages but had no formal acknowledgement or training prior to the class. I was pretty confused and didn’t know how to deal with the messages and unwanted communications at times.

The program really opened up a whole new world for me! IAA made so many of my previous intuitive experiences make sense and confirmed for me that there is so much more around us and within us than I was aware of. I am now able to communicate consistently with spirit and protect myself from unwanted communication, which was becoming a major factor in my life. The course taught me how to prevent unwanted communication when needed, and how to manifest successfully on a consistent basis.

I’m much happier now and have set goals to work towards in terms of my personal and professional life!”

– Denise Lawson, Entrepreneur

Hey, I’m Whitney — spiritual teacher and mentor, dog mama to my dachshund Ranger and *unofficial* pro chili vegan chef in my household…

And ooof — the road from a job I dreaded to teaching souls like you (the best job in the world) has been sh*tty, soulful and sucky all at once…

(Here’s the trailer: it serves up a real lesson in what happens when we let fear hold us back from finding our way through the fog.)

I’ll back up a decade ago when I was…

  • Drained from my 60-hour workweek helping someone else fulfil their dream
  • Stuck in my destined-to-fail marriage
  • Suffering from mysterious health problems
  • Giving ALL my energy away to negative and needy people

I felt lost, confused, and stuck in the same hamster wheel cycle, not sure how to get to the next step.

And naturally, I just couldn’t see the higher perspective at the time.

But as an empath, I *knew* something had to change.

I needed to…

  • Find my life purpose and start a career I loved
  • Have a direct line of Spirit Guidance and support, so that I knew what the next right step was on my path
  • Learn how to conserve, protect, and manage my empathic ability while at the same time, open my Intuition.

So I took every step necessary to do exactly that — committing wholeheartedly, even though it freaked me out inside.

After developing my Intuition to clearly understand and trust my Spirit Guides, it’s led to opportunities like…

    • Leaving my job and starting my own successful, 6-figure business (even though everyone around me thought I couldn’t
    • Living my life purpose — to serve souls like you — and I’ve helped 10,000 students and clients connect to their spirit guides (no biggie) and cultivated a community of 30,000+ seekers 
    • Finding my life partner — even when I wasn’t seeking a relationship (thanks for guiding him to me, Spirit!) — and totally gets my “woo” side 
    • Multiple visibility opportunities — I became a Certified Medium, taught in Lily Dale, New York, spoke at the Illuminate Film Festival, had my own radio show, and have had articles published in OMTimes (I’m famous! Just kidding.
    • Finding support from like-minded community, personally and professionally, who have challenged me to rise higher than I thought possible 
    • Serving from a full cup instead of feeling like a straw sucking away at an empty cup, trying to scrounge up drops of energy (because my guides send me opportunities in alignment with my path
    • Taking big leaps in life, even when they seem like risks. I trust my Spirit Guides through the process. (Like the first $12,000 investment I made when I wanted to throw up. Or when I moved my entire family to Sedona with no logical plan. It’s all been amazing.) 
    • Feeling supported and surrounded by other like-minded people, personally and professionally — and I’m longer drained.

    And most importantly, getting IN TOUCH WITH MY INTUITION helped me say HECK YES to the things that light me up and NO WAY to the things that don’t — even when they’re scary AF.

    If there’s anything you take away from my story, it’s this:

    “You don’t need anything besides a spiritual foundation, your unique gifts and a willingness to grow in order to access your intuition, overcome your blocks and receive abundance.”

    But you don’t have to take it from me, either…

    …Read through the abundance of love notes from our alumni inside our private community…

    Try to keep track of your “a-ha!” moments, like Alma…

    Finally carve out mental and energetic space for YOUR spiritual self-care and stick to it, like Sheyna…

    … And most importantly, feel connected and supported in a community of spiritually ambitious people who just GET you.

    Start pursuing your life purpose, receive tons more energy and get in touch with your inner self, like Gladys…

    Get you some supportive Spirit Guides like Christopher did — just two weeks into the program…

    Are you ready to say NO to self-doubt and a big YES to start racking up your OWN spiritual wins?

    Join Intuition Abundance Academy today

    Whitney’s courses have allowed me to completely transform my life! I’ve gone from living in poverty and homelessness, to living a life of abundance!”

    – Shari Roberts, Entrepreneur

    “Since Intuition Abundance Academy, my life has flipped 360 degrees. You wouldn’t believe my whole transformation. I have to pinch myself sometimes when I look at my bank account.”

    – Gladys Mitchell, Entrepreneur

    “My life is amazing now that I’ve discovered other like-minded people. I don’t have to hide abilities anymore!”

    – Lisa Hoover

    “I understand who I am more and more. I have always experienced strong intuition but never knew how to properly grow into my gifts. With IAA, I am lighter and in strength of knowing to let go and to just be. Each module and every homework exercise is a favorite and I go back to regularly to soak it all in. I am so much more at peace than ever before!”

    – Barbara Durham

    Intuition Abundance Academy is PERFECT for you if…


    You are just getting started and learning more about this world of Intuition & Spirit, and you want to make sure you communicate with Spirit in the RIGHT way, so you don’t waste time or get caught up in the fear cycle of who you are talking to, how to get the message, what to say, or when to do it.


    You’ve tried other techniques and self-doubt has crept in. You aren’t sure if what you are getting is right or if you can trust the messages you receive. In fact, sometimes you aren’t really sure what the difference is between what your Mind made up and what you are receiving through your Intuition. You need a clear method to be able to connect to Spirit so you can follow your guidance, and you are tired to piecing together books, meditations, and different guidance from many teachers. You are ready to get out of the “Which one is right?” zone.


    You are empathic and already KNOW that you are super sensitive. You know that you could function SO MUCH better if you had techniques to protect your energy from being drained. Heck yea, you’ll do the homework because you know that it would be life-changing if you didn’t feel everyone else’s emotions, negativity, and stress!


    You are a go-getter and are ready to do what it takes to get the results you want. You have no problem putting in a couple hours a week to be more connected to your Spirit Guides. You are committed to doing the exercises on a regular basis. If you can’t start until a month from now, that’s fine. But you know when you start, you are going on an Intuitive journey and not looking back!


    You are afraid that if you DON’T start taking action, you will never be aligned with your LIFE PURPOSE and be stuck in the same unfulfilling “I wish things were different” cycle. You want to look back on your life and feel like you’ve made a difference in this world by using your gifts. You are so excited to actually receive your Intuitive guidance and learn more about the opportunities your Spirit Guides can present so you can take the next RIGHT steps towards your LIFE PURPOSE.


    You already know you are an Intuitive / Psychic / Medium sensitive, but have a hard time controlling your abilities. Maybe you don’t call it Intuition, but you are super sensitive to people’s emotions and feelings and need to harness it.


    You really want to learn how to trust, believe, and have clarity & confidence with the messages you receive, and feel protected the entire time. You can’t quite figure out what an Intuitive message looks, sounds, or feels like and want someone to ask questions to to help have that understanding.


    You are tired of second guessing yourself. You feel yourself thinking thinking thinking.. And get stuck in the hamster wheel of thought.You know that with the right techniques, you can catapult your Intuition, but you just need to feel that clarity & confidence to take the next steps.


    You are aware at how clearly receiving Intuitive messages from your Spirit Guides can radically & positively change your life by taking action on their guidance. Whether you’ve already had a big life change, or you are ready to take your energy to the next level, you know that you can attract the right opportunities, relationships, and increase financial abundance when you are aligned. You know that you have to take action to become aligned.


    You are ready to find a supportive group of people that just “get you.” The current people around you don’t believe in your Intuitive gifts, and it’s so defeating when you don’t have validation. You know that with the right support system, your abilities can really shine, and you won’t be afraid to really be yourself.


    You are ready to dive in and do this! You are so excited and have been waiting for an opportunity to really hone & open up your Intuitive skills and feel a YES in your gut! Even if you’ve been side tracked before, you know this is the RIGHT next step for you in your Spiritual journey!


    You know it’s time to invest in yourself, increase your financial abundance, and put yourself as a priority! You’ve put yourself on the back burner way too long, and now it’s your time to shine! You know that when you put yourself as a priority, everything else falls into place, like dominoes. It’s a small investment considering the positive lasting outcomes you’ll have in your life. You’ve been wanting to do something for yourself for a while, and here it is! Ready, set, let’s go!

    Meredith Johnson

    Shamanic Practitioner & Reiki Healer

    I know a good teacher when I see one — and it’s Whitney!

    “’Student’ is one of my favorite roles to play in this lifetime, and I know a good teacher when I see one. When I looked through the materials Whitney organized for this training, I knew I was in the right place. Clear, streamlined, accessible, and detailed! As someone who has also been a teacher, this was incredibly satisfying to see.

    The support of my peers and Whitney has been invaluable, as my life dramatically transforms right before my eyes. It’s been a wild (in a good way) ride! The homework, live meetings, and community helped to reinforce my commitment to this work — accountability is huge for me and I loved it.

    Since I started IAA, Everything is shifting in big, big ways. My health, my relationships, my housing, my job — really, all of it is still transforming! With the help of my Spirit Guides and Whitney’s coaching, I’ve taken aligned action and done things that I had been too scared to do for years. I know now that I am safe and supported by the universe no matter what happens.

    Bottom line: if you commit to this journey, your life will completely change in incredible ways!”

    “We just got back from a trip to Gettysburg. The last time we went I had not learned to ground and my intuitive journey was just starting and was bombarded with energy causing nausea & anxiety. This time, I was aware of the energy but totally felt that my aura was protected.”

    – Lisa

    “My spiritual abilities have skyrocketed since taking this course and applying the skills!”

    – Thomas

    “Intuition Abundance Academy is unbelievable! My purpose is clear now. I was in pieces and now I’m a whole person. It’s amazing. It’s like a brand new day when I get up. Without you, I don’t know where I was going to be. Feeling Spirit’s energy makes me wanna cry sometimes because it’s overwhelming in a good way. I’m never going to feel alone anymore.”

    – Omaira

    “I hope to see you inside the program. The techniques I teach were so instrumental in my spiritual growth and making sense of all the things I didn’t quite understand. I realized I wasn’t losing my mind, there were people that “got me,” and that it was okay to live my life purpose and that I was worthy of abundance.”

    If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us!