Video Series Part 3: Be Radically Authentic

Aug 14, 2019Conversations with Spirit

Be Radically Authentic: these are words of wisdom and can be easier said than done. We can be completely unaware that we are out of alignment, so we keep doing the same things we’ve been doing for years.

Then, our bodies get sick, we get tired for no ‘real’ reason, and we feel grumpy. We say we are “okay,” because there isn’t anything big to complain about. We tell ourselves, “it could be worse.” Guilt sets in that we aren’t feeling super happy with our life. All of these thoughts compound together, but still, we aren’t sure what we could do to make things any better.

At some point, you’ve most likely been there. If you haven’t… I bow to you.

If you are ready to truly make a change in your energy, vibration, and life…I hope this 4 part video series inspires you. (Make sure to watch Video 1 & 2 before this one!)

In this video, I’m talking about how it’s time to BE RADICALLY AUTHENTIC. You’ve learned about the illusions you’ve created, and you’ve identified the steps to take toward your happiness… and now it is time to sustain your new choices.

One of the main things you can do to make sure you are staying in a consistent flow of happiness is to say ‘yes’ to thing that light you up, and say ‘no’ to things that don’t. It’s pretty simple, but sometimes we go right back into the cycle of creating illusions about why we can’t be radically authentic.

If we are ready to manifest amazing opportunities in this life, then we need to stay consistent with our energy. This means: mindset, emotions, spiritual body, and the physical, too!

When my students tell me that they haven’t manifested, and they’ve been doing everything right, they usually are not sustaining this new energy. It does take A LOT of energy to create the shift (in video 2.) Now, it takes energy to actually sustain it.

Here’s a classic example we can all relate to:

Have you ever been on a diet or exercise program? Do you remember the amount of energy it took for you to initiate that first week of workout routines or new meals? Did you fall of the program?

Most of you are probably head nodding right now.

It takes more energy to actually sustain your new habit, than to initiate it in the first place. Get my point?


Hey.. if you are okay settling for okay.. then that’s okay with me. (Too many okays? I threw another one in for good measure.) However, if you are ready for a knock your socks off, amazing, living to 110%+ of your potential life… then let’s take this journey together.

Here’s your official invitation to answer the call of your authentic self by sustaining the changes that you made toward your happiness.

Be mindful, aware, and observe how your energy is feeling. When it’s “off” make the change to align it again.

This video is a doozy, but it’s got some great points in there. Hang in ’til the end. When you are finished.. post your insights inside the private FB group:)

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