Video Series Part 1: The Illusions We Create

Aug 7, 2019Conversations with Spirit

What illusions have you created for yourself?

I’m not talking about Chris Angel type of illusions.. I’m talking about the everyday occurrences we encounter on our path. We’ve actually created limits on what we think we can do in life.

We forget that we are actually creators, but we walk around in the what we’ve created every day.

You create your reality, however most people forget to take responsibility for the situations they are in. The good ones AND the bad ones.

We create through thought, emotion, and action. That means… you have a responsibility in each situation of your life.

Let’s drop the blame game… because it doesn’t serve a purpose.

It’s time to actually be the observer in your life and become curious about what certain situations are teaching you.

If you are stuck in a job you can’t stand.. there’s a way out of it. You create it. Most likely you’ve created limits (fear) of why you can’t get another one.

Or perhaps you are someone that wants to start your own business but complains about how they don’t have any time. Guess what? You can CREATE the time, but it might involve feeling uncomfortable.

Oh, I’m dropping some tough love today, but I only do it because I’ve been through it and I just wanna help.

This video is a little bit longer because it’s actually a lesson with homework! So… time to get yourself out of the illusion and actually make some REAL MAGIC. (The dragonfly is here to help. More about that in the video.)

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