Video 4: Transformation, My Journey, and a Big Announcement

Aug 17, 2019Conversations with Spirit

It’s time to celebrate the new you! Let’s talk about what transformation really looks like and how you know that you’ve achieved it! I’ll be sharing how I personally went through this process, which leads me to a pretty big announcement that I share in the video.

When you transform to a new vibration level, you may not even know i! Some key factors of how you know you got there are:

#1 You start feeling more aligned and in the flow! You feel things operate in your life more easily and with less resistance. You start to notice how easily things are moving along your path.


#2 You start noticing synchronicity. When something you just talked about suddenly pops into your life the next day, this is confirmation that you are a magnet for good things flowing to you! This means that you’ve been able to sustain your new vibration through radical authenticity. Congrats to you!


#3 You notice that things that used to bother you, no longer do! You react differently.. or in fact.. DON’T react to things at all. Your vibrational energy shifts so much, that you could no longer even notice things that used to irritate you. If you still notice them, that’s okay, too! You might see that you react in a different way.

Because your energy is in a lighter state, it can be easy to not even notice that you’ve shifted. You can be totally unaware that all of the above is happening. If you make it a point to gauge your progress, you’ll notice these little checkpoints 🙂

Here’s the catch: Just because you make a change in your energy doesn’t mean you stay at that energy level forever. If you are able to sustain your vibration, you will still need to grow. Be aware that the change that you had before, may not last forever in fulfilling your happiness. We are constant beings of light, looking to shine brighter. Change is inevitable, and you will repeat this process throughout your life.

Check out the video for more examples and how I share my most recent story of a change. If you are a client.. it’s a pretty big announcement you will want to pay attention to.
See you inside!
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