Using Your Intuition In Business

Apr 13, 2021Conversations with Spirit

Using Your Intuition In Business

Most of us believe Intuition is something that just comes in when needed. That if it’s important, it just pops in without any awareness or interaction on our part, that our Spirit Guides will make sure we get the really critical messages. Actually, it should be a lot more interactive than that. Intuition is a skill that can be utilized in all facets of our lives. By learning what our particular Intuition looks like and how we receive our messages, we become able to harness that skill and apply it to everything we do. Including using your intuition in business. If you don’t know what your intuitive language® is or how you receive your Guides messages, you’re welcome to take our quiz at MESSENGEROFSPIRIT.COM/QUIZ

Business is a facet of life where it is very easy and common for people to get stuck in the ego. When we have to make business decisions like hiring, selling products, pricing, renting space vs a home office, etc. we end up with the logical mind (ego) in overdrive. It wants to keep us safe, on track, and in control. It works to stop us from doing anything too risky that could jeopardize our success (well it’s version of what success looks like, anyway). Sometimes, however, our intuition can come through on those same topics and not really make sense at all (to the logical mind), causing us to second guess it’s guidance. Here are a couple of examples of how Using Your Intuition In Business might look…

“JUST KNOWING” is an example of using your Intuition in Business

Maybe you are faced with a major decision in your business, and you “just know” what the answer should be or in what direction to take the next steps without doing any research or seeking any council from experts on the subject.

HAVING GUIDANCE BEFORE ITS NEEDED is an example of using your Intuition in Business

Intuitive guidance can come through prior to you even knowing there is a decision that needs to be made. Perhaps you feel like you need to reach out to a certain individual and you have no idea why. Or maybe there is a book that is calling for you to read, but it’s not on a topic that pertains to anything you have going on specifically at the time. However, by reaching out to that person or going ahead and reading that book you already have the knowledge or resources necessary to easily navigate an important decision that comes up days, weeks, or months later.

GUT FEELINGS are an example of using your Intuition in Business

When you feel pressured by timelines or expectations, follow your intuition on priorities to reduce the pressure and make the decisions in a more supported manner. If there is a decision that must be made today, check in with yourself first. If you feel a “Hell YES!” then move forward without hesitation. If you instinctively feel a “Hell NO!” then don’t entertain that idea any further. In either case, you’ll feel no need to belabor the decision any further. If you don’t feel a strong pull in either direction, if possible, wait a few days, then revisit that topic to see if you’ve developed a pull in either direction. If not, most likely, this is just an opportunity Spirit has provided for you. It is equally ok if you decide to move forward on it or if you decide not to. There is no right or wrong decision to be made. Oftentimes the decisions are made easier when we get out of our own way and trust our intuitive instincts.

Intuition flows in everyday and sometimes it’s a very subtle energy and not a big lightning bolt of realization. That is why it is so important to hone this skill and tune in to the subtleties so we can turn the skill into the superpower it truly is, not only in business but in all aspects of our lives!



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