Breaking Upper Limits to Your Abundance

Sep 1, 2020Conversations with Spirit


 Breaking Upper Limits to Your Abundance 

It’s abundance Tuesday! Today we’re going to cover upper limits to your abundance. I like to cover “upper limits” because it’s not unusual to hear the words “limits” or “blocks” and think they don’t apply to you. What you may not realize is if you find yourself looking at a goal or something you would like to manifest in your life and think, “No, that’s too big. What’s the point? I already have enough of…(fill in the blank),” those are limits to your abundance! 

Being in a state of abundance is a constant, evolving process. As your vibration increases, you’re going to come across some of the similar lessons that you had when your vibration was lower. t’s the same limits to your abundance, but on a different level. It may feel scary, but you’re doing it in a bigger way! The more you raise your vibration, the less scared you become. You recognize the block, the process, and you’re able to work through it much quicker. 

Perception of Abundance

Think about when you were younger. If someone offered you a $10 bill or 10-$1 bills, which would you have chosen? Most kids would choose the 10-$1 bills because it looks like so much more; $10 was a fortune back then!  As you become an adult, your perception of what $10 is changes. The same is true with removing limits to your abundance as you raise your vibration; you may now be learning similar lessons but at a different dollar amount. 

This can be applied to businesses and relationships. You take risks, following your aligned opportunities from your intuition, and step into abundance as you work through the blocks and limits to your abundance.  

Abundance Is Not Selfish

It’s OK to ask for more; it is not selfish. If you think it is, catch yourself; that’s a limiting belief! I welcome you to step out of the limiting beliefs, limits to your abundance, and into embracing who you are and who you are meant to be! 

 When I say, “who you are meant to be,” I don’t mean that it’s not who you are right now. What I do mean is to consider what you have been told your whole life about who you are supposed to be. It’s time to put those limits to your abundance away and claim your intuitive gifts, claim your power, claim you ability, live your life purpose and know that it’s absolutely OK to increase not only your financial abundance, but abundance in all areas of your life!

Intuition and Abundance 5-Day Challenge

I have something extra special for you this week! I have a really cool and fun way to remove your blocks and increase your intuition. There is a 5-day challenge (with the opportunity for prizes!) beginning September 14th. It’s free to join us!

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