Unblocking Your Intuition During The Holidays

Dec 15, 2021Conversations with Spirit

Unblocking Your Intuition During The Holidays

It’s the HOLIDAYS!!! So let’s talk about the holiday season as it pertains to you and your intuition. Although this may be the most wonderful time of the year, it can also be a little stressful. There’s always somewhere to go and something to do, meaning there is a lot of energy around us. Not just more time with family and friends (which can be lovely) but also all the energy that we are not normally exposed to; like the crowds at the shopping mall or all the coworkers at the holiday party. As sensitives we can absorb all that “extra” and “different” energy which may make it harder for us to connect to our own intuition at this time. Here are my recommendations for how to make sure you stay connected to your inner guidance during the holidays.

CLEANSE YOUR ENERGY to unblock your intuition

There are many ways that you can release that energetic gunk build up. Baths with sea salt are great. Frankincense aromatherapy is my personal method of choice. You can also cleanse your energy through intention by holding your hands above your head and imaging white light coming out of them. Then push the white light down while forcefully exhaling and intending that the light push any energy that is not yours into the earth to allow the core of the earth to transmute it into love and light. When we absorb other people’s energy it becomes very difficult to determine what is yours, what is not yours, and what is intuition. So clearing your energy is super important.

CLEAR YOUR MIND to unblock your intuition

The methods for clearing the mind are as varied and unique as the individual that uses them. Some of the simplest are taking a walk outside in nature to just allowing your mind to go blank. You can also use visualization to clear the mind. By visualizing yourself walking through a certain process you can bring down the mind chatter easily. One of my favorites that works really well for most intuitive types is to visualize a TV playing a show. Then imagine you pick of the remote, turn the volume on the TV all the way down, then turn the TV off completely with the intention that once the TV is completely silenced your mind will be clear.

CONSISTENCY IN YOUR PRACTICE can help unblock your intuition

Being consistent in the practice of cleansing your energy and clearing your mind doesn’t have to take a lot of time out of the day. Especially this time of year when there isn’t a lot to spare. In as little as 5 minutes a day you can clear your mind and connect into your Spirit Guides to see if they have any intuitive messages for you. Then sit back and relax for a few minutes and see what you perceive and receive through your unique intuitive language.

SUPPORT YOUR ENERGY to unblock your intuition

How are you supporting yourself through the holidays? Are you protecting and amplifying your energy or are you feeling drained? Are you engaging in activities or thought patterns that drain you or are you nourishing yourself? Nourishing might look like resting. It might look like spending time with people who uplift you. It also might be giving yourself permission to not take on extra stress. By surrounding yourself with people and things that are supportive and by eating things that nourish your body will also help your intuition. Just like a plant that grows well when the roots are nourished and supporting your intuition will thrive when you take care of yourself mentally and physically.


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