Two Priorities You’ll Ever Need

Jul 3, 2019Conversations with Spirit

Let’s talk about your priority list. What’s on there? It’s probably looks something like this: Kids, family, your spouse, career work, God, and maybe you’ve put yourself on there, too.

Now let’s look at the order of the priority list. Depending on the order, it might be time for a quick re-evaluation.

Before my “awakening,” I was taught that the list looked something like this:




Other people,


Having integrated these priorities into my way of life:


    • I remember consciously making sure other people got more helpings of food when I cooked. 
    • When I ran for Vice President of the Student Council in high school, I even voted for the other person because I thought voting for myself was selfish. (OMG. embarrassing moment)
    • I remember that saying, “No” was treated like you committed a sin, so I didn’t do it.

Unfortunately that created zero boundaries for me.

I let everyone else come first because I thought that’s what good people did. Putting myself anywhere on that priority list wasn’t even a possibility to me.

If you look at the list, the word “yourself” isn’t even on there.

When I realized I was living my life to make other people happy, but not doing things that made me happy… I flipped the script.

Being miserable not only affected me, but I ended up resenting everyone around me. I was burned out and tired of helping. I had no energy so how dare they ask me for more! 

“If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy,” was true! I was becoming resentful, mean, and had a short temper.

I went against the grain and tore up the priority list I had learned and created my own.

Some people may not agree with me. Some may feel it’s controversial.

But guess what? It worked.

By following these 2 priorities:

  • Everything in my life fell into place.
  • I was happier.
  • The people around me were happier.
  • My light shined brighter.
  • I had more energy.

There are the 2 priorities you’ll ever need to live a purpose-filled life. If you are struggling the way I did, watch this video to see the 2 priorities I think everyone needs to have on their list.


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