3 Ways To Trust Your Intuition

Dec 26, 2018Conversations with Spirit

Have you ever been taught to listen to your Intuition, but you aren’t sure how to trust it?

You aren’t alone. This IS an important question to ask yourself: “How do I know when my Intuition is working?”

Do you know why it is important? …because the more you actually pay attention to your Intuition, you will start to see that you ARE getting results, and the more results you get… the more you will trust it!

AND…. it will become a lot more natural!

Intuition is by far the biggest asset you have in this life!

It’s your internal compass telling you where to go, what next right actions to take, and how to move forward, especially when making BIG decisions.

The definition of Intuition (according to Whitney’s internal dictionary) is actually receiving spiritual guidance through your own unique Intuitive channels.

How does Intuition help you? Well… by helping you understand what next action to take, receiving messages from your Spirit Guides / Higher Self / Loved Ones in Spirit, and receiving clarity about certain situations & actions… you actually can change your course in situations, circumstances, and in life. (Here are 5 Reasons to Listen to Your Intuition.)

THANK YOU SPIRIT GUIDES for helping us, even when we don’t listen sometimes. (or should I say, we don’t want to listen, because we don’t want to hear it? #Beenthere)

Intuition is this intangible “unseen” super power that we take for granted. We are taught all the necessities of life: talking, walking, interacting, learning, working, etc… BUT often times we are NOT taught to pay attention to our Intuitive guidance. We aren’t even taught that it exists!

Here’s an example: In school, we are math, science, English, art, etc… These are mostly tangible type things. You pay attention to what is in front of you (tangibly speaking.) In art class, you paint the flower. In gardening, you plant the flower.

Very rarely do classes teach you to pay attention to the space, the energy AROUND and coming FROM the flower.

What’s the energy of the person, situation, or circumstance telling you? Don’t focus on the tangible, but the energy around it by feeling, sensing, knowing, seeing the “unseen” and/or hearing the messages the energy is speaking.

So, naturally, if you aren’t taught about your Intuition, how are you going to trust something so intangible, right?

In this video, I talk about 3 ways to Trust Your Intuition.. How to know when you Intuition is actually working.

  1. Documenting your Intuitive Thoughts.
  2. Being presented with opportunities you’ve been asking for
  3. Grab a partner for validation.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

If you want to connect to your Intuition, learn how you specifically receive your messages in this free Quiz.

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