Top 3 Intuitive Survival Tools

Apr 7, 2020Conversations with Spirit

In times of stress, highly sensitive people can feel that they are just trying to survive and find it hard to thrive.

Luckily for me at this time, I am not having to face severe threats to my survival related to the pandemic.

I have food, water, am healthy.

However, as a highly sensitive empathic and intuitive person, feeling the collective energy of fear, scarcity, and confusion can be challenging if you don’t have the right tools.

I’m grateful that I have my own space to recharge and have alone time. I read books, use essential oil sprays, and binge-watch The Dodo for quick fixes when needed, but you need to be consistent with 3 things if you want long-lasting results.

I’m letting you in on the top 3 Intuitive Survival Tools I use. They are an absolute must and are essential to thriving in stressful times.

In this new video I cover:

  • My Top 3 Intuitive Survival Tools and why they are helpful to your energy.
  • Actions that block your energy from manifesting beautiful opportunities
  • How our energy is like the air we breathe, and what the means for you at this time.
  • How a small aligned decision can have a massive ripple effect through your life.

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