Three Signs You Are Being Spiritually Hijacked

Nov 20, 2019Conversations with Spirit

Are you being spiritually hijacked? It’s time to find out the three common signs that you are being spiritually hijacked.

Most of the time in the beginning, you aren’t even aware that your path is going awry. It’s not until things become so out of alignment that you start recognizing that something just isn’t quite right.

Being spiritually hijacked means that you are allowing someone else to steer your path (either intentionally or unintentionally.)

When you don’t make changes in your life or you don’t take part in your spiritual Intuitive abilities because someone else doesn’t approve…

When you don’t treat your spiritual path seriously and instead, you just see it as a hobby you do with a friend (hear me out in the video)…

When you don’t have enough confidence to try new things on your path…

These are all signs that you are no walking your life path. Feeling tired, confused, and like something is missing but you can’t put your finger on it are all indicators that it’s time to take your power back.

See you inside the video!

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