Have your ever wondered what is causing the sounds you hear at night? Those mysterious sounds that lure us from our sleepy state can send our minds reeling into replaying scenes out of a horror movie. Aside from the obvious physical causes such as wind, a settling house, or animals loitering about, there can be other supernatural causes. Instead of immediately feeling fear, consider these explanations that can set your mind at ease.

Our Spirit Guides can be one of the main sources of noise in our home. When we are sleeping or even just resting, this is when our minds are in the clearest state. Often times, our Spirit Guides try to get messages to us in the daytime that go unnoticed by us. Many of us have tasks during the day that our minds are focused on, not allowing us to be in the present moment to perceive their messages. When our minds are clear, we are more sensitive to their frequency and can be more aware of their presence. They can be responsible for giving us messages, healing, adjusting our energy sensitivity, teaching, and protecting us when they are near. The next time you wake up in the middle of the night, address your Spirit Guides by either talking aloud or with your inner voice. Communicate to them anything you would like and ask for their presence around you. At the very least, this will bring in your Guides if they weren’t already present in your room, and give you added comfort and protection.

Loved Ones in Spirit also come visit us in the dream state and at night when our minds are still. This is often true when they have recently transitioned into Spirit and cannot make contact with their living family members during the grief cycle. When we grieve, we are surrounded by heavy emotions which creates a thickening of energy around our own Spirit. This heaviness is difficult to penetrate to get the messages we desire from our recently spirited family members. Many Loved Ones in Spirit show up while we are sleeping and can communicate with us telepathically in the dream state. They can also project themselves into our dream awareness. When we abruptly wake up from slumber we can sense the presence in the room. Sometimes we feel someone is watching us when we wake up. This can be our Loved Ones literally watching over us.

At times we astral travel at night. Astral traveling during sleep means your Spirit has left your body while you are dreaming. This can be for reasons of learning, education, spiritual growth, and visiting our Spirit Guides and Loved Ones in the astral plane. Since Loved Ones in Spirit reside in the astral plane, and your Spirit is traveling there while your physical body rests, you can communicate more effectively with them since you both are in the same plane of existence. When we come back into the body, sometimes we hear noise as we enter back into the physical plane. We can hear our own pulse, our energy frequency, and our breathing. It may not be easy to process why we are hearing these sounds. It can be a mixture of the physical realm and the astral plane such as a buzzing sound or someone calling our name. If you are interested in astral travel, call in your Spirit Guides before you fall asleep and let them know you would like to travel. It may not happen right away, and you may not remember it all, but have patience. When conditions are right, your Guides will take you on this journey. If you wake up and feel you did not sleep at all with no sound reason, this can be a sign that you were traveling all night.

Kinetic energy can also play a large role in sound, noise, and movement of objects at night. Stress, anger, and a build-up on emotion can be the perfect ingredients for kinetic energy release. When a build-up of energy and emotion happen that is not released quickly, it is similar to a can of soda being shaken. When it finally releases it will create a mini explosion. When we rest or dream, healing and release can occur. We process many things in our dream state including situations and emotions. When we release energy, this energy can literally be so powerful that it affects electronics or can move objects. Have you ever been woken up in the middle of the night with the TV or alarm on? This is a prime example of how that can occur. Energy affects energy. The larger the build-up, the bigger the release. The bigger the release, the more powerful the explosion. The more condensed it is, the more it can affect physical objects. The movies have called this effect poltergeist, when in reality it is an energy without consciousness that exudes from us. To hinder this major release, implement a daily regimen to assist you with releasing all of the emotional build-up and stress of the day. Exercise, meditation, crystals, or even a nice bath with aromatherapy can help release kinetic energy in a more consistent regimented way.

Residual energy can be left in places where we sleep or reside. The energy or emotions that were produced by situations or people can “hang around.” Have you ever heard that expression, “I feel like I have a dark cloud following me around?” This could be residual energy that hasn’t left your home! This energy can be concentrated in one room more than the others, creating a pocket of energy. Every time you walk through that pocket of energy, you may unknowingly be picking up some of the sounds, memories, and feelings associated with it. Some causes could be from an argument, your own previous emotions, another person’s emotions (teenagers exude strong emotions), or a situation that occurred in your home from years ago or that occurred yesterday. Perhaps you go to work and when you are out of your house you feel great, but when you come home you feel down. When you are sleeping you may be more perceptive of these feelings, sounds, or memories because you are more open and clear at night. It may be time for you to clean this energy out of your home. You can clean this energy with burning white sage, frankincense, dragon’s blood, working with tuning forks, Feng shui, and other clearing methods. Think of it as cleaning your house, just as you would the physical, so must you clean the energy.

So the next time you wake up wondering what is making noise in your home, take a deep breath. If you have eliminated all of the physical causes, review these other reasons. You may discover more about the unseen world and yourself than you expected.

About the Author

Whitney McNeill is a Certified Medium, Reiki Master-Teacher and Spiritual Mentor. She is the owner of Messenger of Spirit, LLC, in Sedona, Arizona. For more information about services, classes & retreats, visit www.MessengerofSpirit.com

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