Ep 32: The Power Of The Subconscious Mind

Aug 3, 2022Podcast

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The Power Of The Subconscious Mind

This week we talk with Kristin Dwan, certified hypnotherapist, author, Reiki Master, and owner of The Healing Woods. Kristin specializes in soul deep healing of the subconscious and ancestral level to release you from the blockages you have that keep you from the life, love and joy you yearn to experience.

Perspective On the Dying Process: Spirit vs. Human

Listen as I share my experience of the first time I met Kristin and the powerful shift I had after experiencing one of her signature Bullshit Bonfires where you literally set fire to the things that hold you back. Kristin goes on to explain that the subconscious mind communicates with us through dreams, images and emotion. The truth is the subconscious is about 88% of your mind’s power. And it records all the perceptions you create in your youth. She calls these your “knowns” and explains the power of the critical mind which acts as the bridge between the conscious and subconscious mind. This is the place where we do the “inner work”, the work that has to be done on the emotional level.

Most Common Subconscious Issues to Treat with Hypnotherapy

Kristin shares many of the common issues people come to her for help with through her hypnotherapy work. Most of these will come as no surprise. Weight Loss. Quitting Smoking. Self Limiting Beliefs. Phobias. All of these mainly trace back to a root where this belief or “habit” was integrated. Hypnosis can take the subconscious mind back to that point and reprogram that belief.

Origins of The Healing Woods

Listen as Kristin shares the awe-inspiring story of how she literally built back from ashes after a fire left her with 3rd degree burns over 30% of her body. A near-death-experience and spontaneous energetic healing in the burn ward allowed her to step into her true purpose as a healer. The first course was to write a book about this experience. And then learn Reiki so that she could share that miraculous healing energy with others.

Subconscious Sabotage

Kristin discusses the link between the subconscious mind and self sabotage. When the conscious mind makes a decision (“I’m going to loose weight”) the critical mind bridges that to the subconscious where all of our beliefs or “knowns” are stored. The subconscious stores the feeling of how cake and comfort food always made you feel better when you were sad. Therefore, it pushes back saying you don’t possibly want to give that up. And although your conscious mind can put up the will power and make good food decisions for a while, the next episode in life that leaves you down or sad will bring back that subconscious trigger that drives you back to the habit of turning to the cake and comfort food to feel better. The only answer is change on the subconscious level to the habit itself.

And finally, Kristin leaves us with, “Each of us have a beautiful flame inside of us and in the darkest parts of life, that light still burns within. Go inward. The more you focus on it, it brighter it gets.” Here’s to staying Spiritual and Ambitious.



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The subconscious is like your inner 5 year old running your life. – Kristin Dwan

Ambition is hearing the calling, not doubting it and acting on it. – Kristin Dwan

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