Ep 135: The Best Time To Get A Psychic Reading

Apr 24, 2024Podcast

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The Best Time To Get A Psychic Reading

You know that feeling when you know an intuitive message is right there, but you just can’t get it to come through clearly. Does this mean that you need to work more on your intuition and connection? Or is it just time to get a psychic reading to get over that hurdle? So, let’s look at it and see if now is the time for a reading.

When NOT To Get A Psychic Medium Reading (2:15)

To decide if a reading would be of benefit it’s important to look at the reasons you feel you need it. If you have too much invested in a certain outcome or a certain answer you will not be open to what spirit has to say so the reading is essentially pointless. It is best to be in a neutral frame of mind and open when you meet with a reader.

The Best Times To Get A Psychic Medium Reading (7:54)

Often it is most beneficial to get a reading around the time of some type of celebration. Your loved ones will already be closer at that time. Getting a reading may also be a way to clarify and get more detail on a message that you’ve already received from your Guides.

How To Choose A Psychic Medium (12:48)

It’s best to choose a medium in the same ways you’d verify any other purchase. Does the recommendation or advert come from a place or source that you trust? What is your gut feeling about the specific person or situation? All those same validation methods hold true when you are looking for a medium to conduct a reading for you.

Tips To Make The Most of Your Psychic Medium Reading (14:35)

As always, speak your intentions for the readings to your Spirit Guides and loved ones ahead of time. This gives spirit time to prepare information for the things that are most important to you. Also make sure you choose the reader whose methods best match with what you are looking to receive. If you absolutely want to connect with loved ones on the other side, you definitely need a true psychic medium. If you are more interested in guidance, direction, and clarity on what’s currently happening and your next best steps, then a channeler using oracle cards may be a better fit.
consistent with connecting and trust they will provide you the answer some-way, some-how when the answer is needed.

No matter what type of reading you get, just remember it doesn’t replace the importance of working on your own connection to spirit and your intuition. Here’s to staying Spiritual & Ambitious.




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If you are in desperation you will not be open to what spirit has to say in a reading – Whitney McNeill

A really good time to get a reading is when you are already getting your intuitive messages, but just want to gain clarity or details from a different perspective. – Whitney McNeill

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