Tapping Into Intuition & Abundance

Apr 15, 2021Conversations with Spirit

Tapping Into Intuition & Abundance

Intuition is you opening your channel (your energetic system) to receive messages from the Universe. Abundance is knowing you’re in that continuous flow where your “cup runneth over”, always in that flow of receiving. Tapping into our intuition allows us to understand that abundance is an internal mindset and energy. Abundance is within ourselves just like our intuition. It is not outside and separate from us and both come from a place of receiving. Abundance is receiving all the Universe wants to provide and intuition is receiving the messages the Universe wants to communicate.

There are 3 crucial aspects to receiving to tap into our intuition & abundance.


RESTING is crucial to Tapping Into Intuition & Abundance

While that may sound counterintuitive at first, it really is key. When we are open to receiving, we create this channel in our energy to allow these things to flow in. By inhabiting a place where we know we are plentiful and we are designed to receive, our intuition can also flow more easily. We can expand and clear out all the old energetic clutter we accumulate through the experiences of our lives and that letting go allows us to relax. Resting is essential to receiving. In a state of rest, you get into the flow versus always being in action thus becoming burned out and blocking out what the Universe is wanting you to know and experience.

EXPANDING YOUR ENERGY is crucial to Tapping Into Intuition & Abundance

As we slow down we expand and allow ourselves to perceive more of what is in our energetic field and feel what matches our vibration, as well as what does not. We’ve all probably heard some say things like, “I didn’t know how I was going to pay that bill, but the money showed up just in time”. The truth is we can live our lives just like that. It’s powerful when we realize we are divine creatures designed to receive and we don’t always have to be in action or forcing things to happen. Ego tells us we must be in control versus relaxing and allowing.

GIVING is crucial to Tapping Into Intuition & Abundance

I know many empaths out there may be thinking, “I’m burned out. I give all the time until there’s nothing left to give”. Conversely, truly giving from the heart is the abundance mindset. Giving because you want to share what you have or know, versus feeling like it is required of you, creates that shift into the abundance mindset. In business, oftentimes you will meet people who feel they can’t share what they know or what they are working on for fear someone will steal their ideas. That is scarcity mindset. Feeling that these ideas are mine and there are not enough new ideas to go around so I must protect what I have and hold it close to the vest inhibits more flowing in. However, sharing opens up the flow and creates the space to receive even more. Sharing what we have and what we know shows we’re living in abundance with authenticity and integrity.

The Universe always has plenty to provide. We just have to be open to receiving it. Our ego may think abundance has to look a certain way; that true abundance is a certain dollar figure or a certain amount of things. To truly tap into our intuition and live in full abundance we need to be open to all the abundance around us in all its forms. Abundance of food. Abundance of health. Abundance of friends and support. Abundance of opportunities. It all matters and is all there for us to receive.



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