Video 2: Taking Personal Responsibility and Action Toward Your Happiness

Aug 11, 2019Conversations with Spirit

Are you following your happy?

If you aren’t, then I have some tough love for you my friend…. It’s your fault.

I know. I know. Que the ranting and raving.

“Whitney, how is my specific situation MY fault, when XYZ happened TO ME?”

Well, it’s because you have some sort of personal responsibility in creating your situation. You need to take personal responsibility in your choices. There is ALWAYS some sort of choice you had leading up to your situation, and there is ALWAYS a choice you have within your situation.

Scenario 1:

Not happy with your relationship? Then look at your responsibility within it and in the fact that you chose it. Yes, it takes two people in a relationship, but those two people need to give 100% effort. Look at your effort. If you aren’t doing anything about it, then you are staying in your current cycle because it’s convenient and you are too afraid of the future unknown. The fear of the unknown can be about you, finances, concerns about your kids….

….but if you give up your responsibility to your happiness to those external elements, then you are letting someone else steer your life path. I see moms who never made a change in their life because they wanted their kids happiness to come first. They never took responsibility for their own life. Sadly, when they are older, they will say, “Well, at least the kids were happy.”


Please don’t delay putting off your happiness for someone else. That isn’t selfish because when you are happy, you spread happiness. If you stay in a situation of unhappiness, the energy that emanates from you actually conveys, “fake, not telling the truth, etc.” You start teaching those around you that they can’t have their happiness either.


I often hear, “Whitney, I don’t have enough energy to make a change.” Okay. I get it. Let me ask you a question though:

“If you stay in a situation that is constantly draining your energy, do you think that one day you will magically have more energy to make a change?”

Answer, “No.”

The longer you put off the change, the longer you will remain unhappy.

Scenario 2:

Not happy with your job? It’s easy to blame your new boss, the negative coworkers, or the change in your industry for lack of sales. Let’s look at the fact that you chose to take this job in the first place. Then I hear, “Well, it was the only job available at the time.” Okay I get it, but that doesn’t mean that you stop looking for better ones that fit your ideal scenario.

Maybe the excuse is: “I’ve tried and nothing is available,” or “I’ve applied and no one has called me back.” Take a look at your energy and mindset. Are you holding a vibrational frequency that matches the job you want? If you keep telling yourself, “Nothing is working,” then guess what? Nothing will work. You have to change the energy around you to attract the scenario you want… literally because it’s in your mind. (More on that inside the video.)

If you aren’t loving the job you are working then perhaps you could be neglecting your life path, too. Are you just going through the motions of your job for the money? If that’s the case, look at creating your own business or changing your line of work. I see a lot of resistance to this idea because it takes energy, so I’ll say the same thing I said in scenario 1, “If you stay in a situation that is constantly draining your energy, do you think that one day you will magically have more energy to make a change?”

Another reason for resistance is the illusion of security or steadiness when working for someone else. (If you haven’t seen video #1, here’s the link to illusions.) However, the person running the company is an entrepreneur who is also confronted with the same scenarios as you would be as an entrepreneur. Just think about that for a few moments. Do you still feel that security and steadiness? What makes them different than you?

You can come up with a bunch of excuses as to what they are, but it just boils down to: Do you want to start your own business or not? Everyone starts at the same place. There may be an illusion that they didn’t, but they DID. If you don’t want to start your own business, then just change your vibrational energy and find a new job if you don’t love what you are doing.

We even choose our family before we incarnate. So if you are blaming family… it’s time to stop that, too. For some of you this might open up an entirely different perspective, and others might say: “I’m never watching Whitney’s videos again.” If you are the latter then blessing to you.

I’m all about creating my life. I hope you are all about creating yours. It starts with YOU.

So, it’s time to start taking 100% responsibility in your thoughts, emotions, actions, and LIFE. Do you want to be stuck only doing one thing everyday that makes you happy, or do you want a life where you can’t even count the happiness because it is so abundant with it.

And PS… no one and nothing can MAKE you happy. You choose happiness every moment of every day.

See you inside the video!

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