Ep 103:  Energy Of The Week – Oct 8 2023

Oct 8, 2023Podcast

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Spiritual & Ambitious Podcast with Whitney McNeill
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Energy Of The Week – Oct 8 2023

We are continuing our Energy of the Week messages through the month of October in celebration of Spiritual & Ambitious passing our 100th episode. Each Sunday I’m going to be pulling oracle cards to give you messages from Spirit around the energy for the coming week. Having guidance about the current energy just gives you a little head start. But whenever you listen to these episodes and hear the messages, just know that they were meant for you at that particular time.


DEER (1:49)


The doors to Intuition Abundance Academy are open now, but only until Oct 10th. If you’d like to learn how to connect consistently with your intuition and use the guidance you receive from spirit to increase the abundance in your life, we’d love you to have you join. This is the last time this course will be offered in 2023. The link to enroll now is below.

If you are interested in the oracle deck I used in this reading, they are available for purchase at the link below. Have a wonderful week and until next time: Here’s to staying Spiritual & Ambitious.



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