Stop Second Guessing Your Intuition

Aug 20, 2020Conversations with Spirit

Stop Second Guessing Your Intuition

Many of us receive intuitive moments – intuitive activity comes through in your primary intuitive type and, for one reason or another, we start second guessing our intuition and end up regretting it. 

If you haven’t taken my quiz before, I highly recommend you do. It’s free, and it will help you learn your intuitive type – the primary way you receive your intuitive messages. 

Do you really always listen to your intuition?

I bet there’s at least one time you didn’t and you kicked yourself for not listening, and you most likely didn’t listen because you were second guessing your intuition. So, let’s talk about why we ignore our intuition and how we can stop second guessing our intuition. . 

We are taught to pay attention to the physical, tangible things in the world. Many of us don’t have the spiritual, intuitive education that happens naturally as we evolve as humans. We usually end up losing this around age 7-9 because we don’t have the nurturing of our intuition. As we grow older and discover we want it back, we then have to fight and wrestle with the intangible, spiritual gifts and signs against the tangible reality of the world in which we live. We find ourselves then second guessing our intuition. 

Here are 3 ways to stop second guessing your intuition.

1) Accept you are intuitive

It’s as simple as that. Your intuition comes from your higher self and spirit guides. One way to stop second guessing your intuition is to accept that you are intuitive. Everyone has a spirit, so everyone is intuitive. 

2) Discover your intuitive type

We’ve seen movies, heard about miraculous experiences, and we expect intuitive messages to come to us a certain way. Your primary intuitive type will determine how you receive your intuitive messages. You’re unique; your intuitive type and skill are unique, too!

3) Have consistency with connecting to your intuition

Everything in our life runs on routine and consistency; automatic processes that we do without thinking. You ultimately want to be like this with your intuition, too. Make developing your intuition a priority in your day to consistently see how your messages are coming through. The more consistent you are, the easier it will be and the more you will stop second guessing your intuition. 

You may find that this second guessing your intuition stems from a lack of trust. Where in your life are you not trusting? For example, it could be relationship, job, financial security, home life; any number of things. As you explore yourself and your blocks, you may find that there are big areas of mistrust and decide to reach out to a licensed counselor to help you work through these areas. Working through these trust blocks will also help you work through any blocks in trusting your intuition or your spirit guides. 

Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

My challenge to you is to allow yourself one thing during the day that you are going to make your decision based solely on your intuition – not your mind or your ego. Write this down and reflect back on it. Then, come back to this video and let me know in the comments how it went! 

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