What’s Keeping You Stuck in the Same Cycle

Jul 9, 2020Conversations with Spirit

Do you find yourself stuck in the same cycle? 

What’s holding you back? Why do you continue to feel stuck in the same cycle over and over again? How can you get off of this merry-go-round?

We’re here to live in the highest alignment and vibration, working with our intuition and spirit guides to live the life of our dreams while still learning our lessons needed for this lifetime. I want to look at indications of what’s holding us back, stuck in the same cycle repeatedly instead of upleveling. So, what’s holding you back?

1) External Excuses

When someone tells me they are tired of being stuck in the same cycle, it’s time for some real talk. If I asked you to tell me what is holding you back right now, you may find yourself listing external reasons such as “I can’t do this because of…”: your job, your partner, your family, your health, your finances. The reality is, those are external excuses. These are the symptoms that are a reflection of being out of alignment internally, which will require you to turn your energy inward and focus on your alignment from the inside out to make the shift and change.

2) Time

“I don’t have the time.” How often do we say this for just about anything? We don’t make time – we create space for this time. Time is finite, so we have to make space for things to occur. When you are in alignment, you find that you are better not only for yourself, but for others. It is so important to create this space in your life to take care of yourself and your spiritual needs to be able to show up as the best, most authentic and aligned version of yourself. This will allow you to live your best life and show up others as much as possible whether that is as an employee, parent, partner, caregiver, etc.

Because I love what I do, I used to work, work, work, pushing myself to the limits to serve others. I ended up dealing with a lot of resentment, because I wasn’t taking care of myself, or creating space for me to not become burnt out.

3) Fear

Do you have a fear of changing? A fear of relationships (with friends, family, partners, etc.) shifting? You might find yourself saying, “Yea, but…” and to that I ask you: are you comfortable with your relationships and like how they are? Why are you limiting yourself with the belief that you can’t have both – an upleveling and your relationships staying in tact? Yes, what no longer serves us falls away, but that doesn’t have to apply to everything/one we love if it’s serving us and allows us to grow, shift, and move with us into this new vibration.

Are you feeling afraid of being seen or “exposed”? Think about what an inspiration you can be to those watching you and your journey!

Look at what is holding you back; if it’s fear- (of change, of being seen, of abundance or lack thereof – identify where that fear stems from to work through it.

4) Take a close look at the cycles you’re in 

Every single thing we do in our life is a cycle – our thoughts, relationships, careers are all cycles. As we shift and evolve, we go through cycles: you have done the work, feel like you’ve gone through the shift, and find yourself dealing with the same cycle (or lesson). That’s an indicator that you didn’t actually shift. You need to do what’s called a pattern interrupt to break the pattern completely. When you are stuck in the same cycle and you don’t know why, you’ll need to take inspired action and make new changes which is opposite actions from what you’ve previously done. Your ego is the “what if” that you’re hearing. Check in with your spirit guides and intuition to avoid being trapped in the same cycle and attached to a particular outcome.

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