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Aug 25, 2020Conversations with Spirit


Are You Pushing Away Abundance? How to Stop Blocking Abundance

Are you blocking abundance unknowingly? We can block abundance unknowingly in our energy system by the limiting beliefs we’ve held, old stories we’ve told ourselves, and how we view our personal value or worthiness. 

Most of the time, we don’t even know that we need to work on these things, especially when it comes to our value and worthiness. Many spiritual people will tell me, “I’m not motivated by money.”  That’s fine! I’m not either. It’s what is behind the money that motivates me. Freedom, joy, travel, helping others, etc.

Don’t say these abundance blocking phrases:

If you find yourself saying things like,

“Spiritual things should be free.”

“That’s way too expensive.”

or “Phew, that person is greedy!”…

…you may need to evaluate how you may be blocking abundance without even realizing it. You often project feelings of unworthiness onto others and the Universe is reflecting that back to you.

Abundance is so much more than money!

When I talk about abundance, it’s not only financial abundance. You can desire and have an abundance of anything – money, relationships, joy, happiness, freedom…anything! The Universe works with your intention and energy.

Therefore, depending on your vibrational energy, you could have an abundance of amazing things or an abundance of not so great things. You really have to work on and be aware of what’s in your energy to make sure you’re not unintentionally blocking abundance. This will help you to shift and attract the things you truly desire into your life. 

If you truly desire something, but deep down you don’t feel you’re worthy of it, the Universe will reflect your beliefs back to you.

For example, if you’re faced with a limiting belief of how desiring financial abundance would be greedy or selfish, think about everything positive you can do with that abundance. What could you use that money as a tool to help you with? Paying off your child’s student loan? Purchasing a bigger house? Sell your belongings and travel in an RV? 

Ways We Subconsciously Block Abundance

1) What are you saying to yourself? 

If you’re blocking abundance with limiting beliefs such as, “I could never have that.” or “This is too selfish. How will it affect other people?” the Universe is going to agree with you because you’re not truly ready to accept and receive it. The same thing is true for relationships or any other source of happiness and abundance – if you are blocking abundance, the Universe is going to reflect that! 

2) What role are you playing?

Another way we end up blocking abundance is by limiting the way in which it can show up. When you try to control situations with the Universe, by only being willing to accept it looking and being a certain way, you move out of the creator role and into the victim role.

Being too attached to a certain outcome puts you in a victim role versus a creator role. You have to trust that the Universe is always working towards your highest good, and sometimes that means shifting things in a way that you may not have envisioned – such as shifting certain people, situations, and things out of our lives to make room for new opportunities. 

3) What are you putting on the back burner?

You may also find you are blocking abundance via procrastination. What are you putting off doing, that if you just did it, would bring you more money, or free up your time for abundance of happiness, time with family, or travel? 

Are you overwhelmed by the amount of time or detail it would take to create a new business, product, hire support? Even though it takes a little more energy to set up in the beginning, think about how much time and energy it would free up in the long run. Creating space in your life is key to receiving abundance. You’re not alone – I’m raising my hand here!

4) Where do you need support?

One really important concept to grasp is that money is energy. When it comes to protecting our energy, support is needed and is OK! Maybe you hire help cleaning the house, or use a food subscription service to help free up time with making dinner. That initial expense is hard to justify, but keep in mind that what it saves you in time or energy that you can later invest back into yourself, your work, your family or friends, or your hobbies, goals, and dreams. You can then use that time to put in the work upfront for whatever projects you’re putting off, or making the investment in yourself and your worthiness. 

What expenses might you take on that saves you in the long run – whether it’s energy, time, outsourcing help or support. Understand that if you are trying to save money by doing everything yourself, you will end up drained. It’s also a reflection of your vibration and what you’re putting out into the Universe about the abundance you’re expecting to receive. 

My money-blocked student who manifested over $1300 in 3 weeks.

I had a student in one of my courses who was resistant to money mantras and ideas of financial abundance. She had her bills paid and didn’t resonate with needing to attract more money. It dawned on her that maybe the reason she didn’t resonate with it was because she had a subconscious money block. Once she cleared that block, she manifested over $1,300 extra in under 3 weeks! 

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