Steps To Living An Aligned Life

Jul 7, 2021Conversations with Spirit

Steps to Living An Aligned Life

When we talk about what it means to be aligned it’s about saying yes to the things that support who we truly are and the impact we feel called to make in the world. Today we want to talk about the steps that you can take now to move toward living an aligned life.

The First Step to Living An Aligned Life is Saying Yes to Opportunities That Support Your Vibration

Every living thing emits an energy field and that field has a certain frequency. Consequently, each energetic frequency vibrates at a certain rate. As we grow and evolve in this lifetime there are so many directions we can take and lessons we can work on, all of which are related to our growth toward our true purpose. Our environment (job, family, friends, physical location) will also carry its own energy and specific vibration. Sometimes being in that environment will feel supportive and nurturing, while others might feel off or even bad to be in. Those times and places in our lives that feel supportive in the moment we experience them are said to be “in alignment”. Therefore, we want to say yes to the opportunities, the people and the places that match to that supported and “aligned” feeling.

The Second Step to Living An Aligned Life is Choosing Your Intuition First

By aligning to our intuition we are choosing to put our intuition first and foremost when we make decisions. We, therefore, allow the more logical aspects of the decision making process to be in support of what and where our intuition is guiding. Because decision making is always a balance, following our intuition can help take our ego out of the process.  Thus giving us the ability to make decisions that are more aligned to our true purpose and who we authentically are. How do we do that??

Firstly, Develop Your Intuition –

You can work to consciously develop your intuitive muscle by doing intuitive exercises everyday. One quick exercise is to consciously breathe with the intention to clear your mind and ask to receive one intuitive message from your Spirit Guides and see what comes through.

Second, Pay Attention to How your Body Feels –

How does it feel to be in a certain place or in the presence of certain people?  If it feels like to need to shrink or hide who you really are so that you fit in versus feeling you’re able to expand and totally be yourself you might want to ask yourself if that place, or job, or people are in alignment with you. If your answer is no……

Third, Ask What Right Next Steps Can You Take To Become More Aligned –

This could be as simple as taking a course to learn more about something that really interests you and brings you joy. It could also be finding a new job that is a better fit for you.  It could even be moving to a new area where you feel more open to be who you really want to be.

Lastly, Start Taking Those Steps –

Understand you are in a growth cycle and, although it may be a little uncomfortable, you can make decisions that come from a balance of intuition and logic. And as you begin to act on those decisions you begin to bring your circumstances into alignment with your purpose and calling.

The Third Step to Living An Aligned Life is Making a Commitment to Your Intuition

Your intuition is the connection you have with your Spirit Guides so they can give you Divine guidance in any aspect of your life. By making a commitment to following your intuitive guidance you open up your life to opportunities that may have seemed impossible in the past. By trusting your Guides and following the guidance they provide, they will support you in the figuring-out of “how” these things will manifest in your life.

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