Staying Grounded in the Woo-Woo World

Feb 7, 2019Conversations with Spirit

Having trouble staying grounded in the woo-woo world? If you are a healer, Channeler, Intuitive, Medium, or someone who is super sensitive, you might have problems grounding. That’s normal when we open and work with our higher chakras.

Sometimes we think it’s more fun to NOT be grounded….. FOR AWHILE… then, reality can really hit, and if we aren’t grounded, this can lead to a multitude of problems.

Like this one….

Imagine this scenario:

Backstory: Your husband is on a business trip out of state. You’ve been teaching a 3 day Manifesting Class, seeing clients, “holding down the fort,” and taking care of your 16 year old dog.

You begin to hear your beloved senior pet (who has some health issues) start to get sick in the middle of the pitch black night. (No street lamps or moonlight filtering in the room.)

Scrambling to get your body to work from a dead sleep, you end up looking like a flopping fish tied up in the covers. Groaning sounds come out of your body similar to Frankenstein’s monster.

That d*mn 5.5 inch mattress topper you bought to go on your already enormously high mattress (because you are a princess and the pea type sleeper), is NOT helping you get out of bed. It seems to have a game plan to suck you in even more so it can have a good laugh.

Finally you free yourself of the sheets and ……. plop….. you fall head first onto the floor and smack your foot either on the heavy dog pen or the bedside table corner – breaking your foot in 2 places. (You aren’t fully awake, so you can’t exactly recall the details.)

All the while, your dog is still getting sick and hearing those “Oh so recognizable” sounds.

But…. score! Somehow you save your shag turquoise carpet and new dog bed from getting a mess, just like you were sliding into home base… but without the lamp on because your Frankestein-like body couldn’t figure out how to turn the lamp on and knocked it somewhere on the floor.

THAT WAS ME a couple weeks ago!

I hobbled around on my foot for 2 weeks without going to the Dr, because I had stuff to do. I didn’t want to be bothered with an inconvenience.

You know what this whole thing taught me?

1) My root chakra wasn’t balanced. This chakra governs your feet and your physical health. I didn’t want to pay attention to it.

2) I needed to be a bit more grounded and slow down. With a broken foot, you HAVE to slow down.

3) Don’t put off the messages you receive. I thought I made an agreement with myself. I already received the message to slow down, but I thought I made a compromise. “Hey.. I got the message and I have it penciled in my calendar to take days off in 2-3 weeks.” Ummm NO.. no compromise. Good try Whitney! ?

When we don’t practice the art of grounding, we are going to feel a bit chaotic. Without grounding, you turn into a clown juggling the different areas of your life. Eventually, your arms get tired and all aspects that you are juggling, fall down.

Moral of this story: Ground.

We really have to be grounded in order to fill our life purpose. We are here for a limited amount of time, so we’ve gotta make the most of it, right? Being in Spirit is forever. Being on Earth, is not. Earth life, really is short.

I hear from clients, “You are so grounded. How do you talk with Spirit everyday and can still be so grounded?” Glad I come across that way, even if I don’t feel it sometimes. ?

It took practice. When I was first awakened to the world of “woo,” I wasn’t grounded. Every time I drove a car, it was like “Weeeee…this is a fun ride. Oh.. was that a red light?” I needed to get back on track.

So, I had to work on my Earthplane issues. Our lower three chakras govern most of our connection to the Earthplane.

Root Chakra = Safety, survival, money, physical health, tribal consciousness, anxiety, and wanting to connect to Earth.

Sacral Chakra = Relationships, romantic relationships, sex drive, creativity, joy, friendliness, letting things go.

Solar Plexus Chakra = Aspects of our job, how others view us, anxiety, our identity in groups of people, control, digestion, how much energy we have.

Woo buddy — Did I have to shift and change! I went from working a “normal job” in the Bible Belt, to “Hey everyone, I’m a Medium!” That was some serious change for me. Coming out of the Medium closet to my friends, family, and the hardest… my coworkers. I get a little nervous reliving the moments.

BUT… I knew I had a purpose. I had a drive to help people. I found my calling. I gotta do this!

So I did. I found it really hard to ground after my sessions. Partly because I was chatting with higher energies. Partly because I liked that world better than dealing with bills, home life, unhappy relationship, and unhappy full time job.

However, in order to make real change, we have to be grounded. You’ve got to be on the same playing field energetically.

Eating grounding foods can help, but the best was making sure I’m involved with simple tasks (cooking, cleaning, etc.).. and this grounding exercise in the video. Let’s start practicing grounding exercises. Agreed?! (Head nod.)

See you there! All the best,


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