Staying Aligned To Your Purpose

Nov 11, 2020Conversations with Spirit

 Staying Aligned To Your Life Purpose – Even when your tag is showing

We all can feel that push, that need, to make sure everything is perfect. What we need to remember is that as long as you are authentically yourself, all that matters is that you show up in your purpose. If people are moved by what you say or inspired by what you do, will they remember (or even notice) that you have on two different earrings or that your socks don’t match? NO! They will not be any less inspired by you just because the tag is showing in the back of your shirt!

Being your true self and staying aligned in your purpose may seem daunting at times with all the challenges daily life throws at us.

Here are some ways to stay aligned to your purpose, even if that darned tag is out shining in all its glory!!   

Write down your WHY!

Go back to the start. When you first became aware of what your purpose was, WHY was it “the one” What about it resonated so strongly with you? WHY do you want to remain in alignment with this purpose and pursue it everyday. Once you have that WHY, write it down!

Set reminders on your phone to pop up and random times showing your why statement. Put sticky notes on your bathroom mirror, computer screen or car dashboard.

Make your why part of you daily affirmations. Anything that keeps that reason front and center, in your line of sight. Always reminding you of the importance of staying aligned to your purpose regardless of the circumstances.


Being your authentic self just means you being yourself in how you feel.  It is saying, “This is who I am”, “This is how I feel in the moment”, “This is my truest expression”.  By being real and not conforming to any certain belief or thought system that does not resonate with us, we find our authenticity.  Isn’t that the most balanced expression possible?  Just being who you really are!

CREATE space for your Life Purpose 

When you feel like you are out of alignment, honor yourself to create the space in your schedule to do what you need to do to come back into your own energy. For Empaths, this can be fear or anxiety that comes up when you start to put yourself out there in the world for all to see your authentic self. Maybe you just feel the energy of others.

When these types of things come up it’s really important that you take the time you need to come back to center and cleanse your energy. You need the right techniques to manage your energy and keep yourself in alignment with your purpose. These self-care techniques can span anywhere from energetic cleansing rituals or meditation to simply taking a long hot bath. Whatever makes you feel good within yourself and ready to pursue your true purpose in life is what’s right for you

Don’t confuse allowing your Purpose to be SEEN, with being vulnerable.

When spiritually ambitious souls put themselves out there and connect to their purpose, a feeling of vulnerability can come up.  Then when we hit challenges along the way, that vulnerability can cause us to feel like giving up and pulling back into ourselves.  We then, don’t allowing the world to see who we truly are because we feel too “seen”. 

The more you expand in your mission and find the light in that part of your path that brings you joy, you find the ability to look beyond that feeling of vulnerability and see that doing what you need to stay aligned to that purpose that brings you so much joy is much more important than any other “imperfect” circumstances.

Give yourself GRACE  

Remember your energy is more important than getting it perfect.  Allow yourself flexibility in expectations you have for yourself.  When the Universe provides you that opportunity you’ve been waiting for you to bring your purpose into reality, what is important:

Having every little detail managed to perfection, but you show up with your energy depleted, being physically exhausted.  

Or leave some of the details at “just good enough” and show up in all your spiritual glory with energy to share your purpose with anyone who wants to join in?

Sounds pretty simple, huh?

 For more TOOLS to help you Stay Aligned To Your Purpose:

  • Jump on the waitlist to join the Aligned program 
  • Find a supportive group of like minded people
  • Meditation
  • Connect to your personal Spirit Guides
  • Self-care (high vibration foods, music, entertainment, etc).  Surround yourself with vibrations that uplift your energy.


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