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Are you ready to unlock your Intuitive abilities?

Do you feel you have always had a “calling,” but were never sure of how to develop it?

Are you interested in Mediumship and how it all works?

I really appreciate your 1-1 coaching to help me hone my intuitive skills. I’ve been interested in learning more about how to leverage intuition and your training has been excellent! I love learning through your experience and wisdom. It’s fascinating work with huge potential for my life and those I can influence and impact. I am excited about what will unfold this year!!

Abby Donnelly

Why I love mentoring.

rounded butterfly

I’ve had a lot of clients and students ask for guidance about their Spiritual abilities and guidance on fulfilling their Spiritual purpose. One of the elements I really needed as I was developing my Spiritual path, was someone to help develop my abilities, answer questions about energy, Spirituality, and needed guidance in these areas as I progressed. I had many teachers, and would find myself exploring different subjects, but I had so many questions!

I LOVE when my students and clients get that “AHA” moment. My heart warms when I know I’ve been able to help them into the next cycle of their life. It is similar to a butterfly coming out of the cocoon. Each individual has their own unique vibration and path to follow.

It is a wonderful journey when you are awakening to your Higher Self and awakening your Spiritual side. The ultimate teacher is Spirit, Energy, and yourself, but this path can feel unstable as your open each door. It is so beneficial to have someone by your side to aid you in the discovery.

A Message from Whitney…..

I’ve helped many clients & students get in touch with their Spirit Guides, Intuition, and Mediumship abilities to live a more purpose-filled life. As we lighten our vibration, we step more into our authentic selves. Some students need guidance and heighten their intuition as they move more fully toward their life purpose.  

I’m looking to work with clients who are serious and committed to doing the work. My job is to give you my expertise, answer questions, assign homework, and hold you accountable. On average, I’m looking for clients to commit to 10 weeks to carve out time in their schedule each week as well as implementing the “homework” I give them each week.


Before committing to the program, I ask each person to fill out a survey, so I can make sure I’m the right person for you. I can help you get in touch with your Intuition and discover Mediumship abilities.

See What Clients are Saying

"This October, I started my own company - combining intuitive readings, hypnosis and hypnobirthing instruction. Its been great! I do an average of 2-4 readings a week and have my first hypnobirthing couple client as of last month. I am officially out of the medium closet! I am still learning lots and am so very grateful for your support and instruction. Thank you, thank you, thank you! "

Karen Hornfeck

Owner, Wise Elephant Wellness, LLC

"I have always had intuitive gifts since I was a child, but I could never explain or knew there was any name to call it. After the passing of my mother, my gifts grew increasingly stronger. I continued to try and resist what I was feeling and did not want anyone to know what I could do. I was extremely fearful of the thought of people thinking this was a weird thing to do, and continued to hide in my spiritual closet. I stumbled across Whitney's website one day, and I heard a still voice say, "This is the woman that can help you." I initially started out receiving a few spiritual messaging services from Whitney, and when I saw all of the information she was capable of receiving from the spirit realm, I registered for her Mentorship program. I was so excited to be able to open up to someone who experienced the same things I did, and not only felt comfortable with it, but helps people as a profession. Whitney was always prompt, professional, and always had the answers to many of my questions, before I could ask them.


Through the Mentorship program, Whitney helped me to identify what my gifts are and the purpose for them. She was always patient, and provided every opportunity for me to ask any question I needed to gain understanding. Whitney guided me through working fear out of my spirit. She guided me through the introduction process of knowing my spiritual guides and their purpose in my life, and how to work with them. She also introduced me to balancing, and grounding techniques, so I could have a balance in both the physical and spiritual realm.

Participating in the mentorship program literally changed my life for the better, and opened up opportunities for me to share my gift to others without fear, or reservation.

Tonya Haizlip

Owner, The Healers Bag, LLC

Intuition & Mentorship Program

For clients that want to learn how to develop, hone, or enhance their Intuition & Mediumship skills, I offer a 10 week program. This program teaches the fundamentals of Intuition, Spirit Guides, and Mediumship includes one-on-one exercises, and real world application, validation & Q&A. Clients are given homework to complete in between our calls. Calls are generally scheduled every 2 weeks and includes “office hours” support in between weeks.


Who is right for this program?

Energy sensitive individuals who want to find empowerment through connecting to their Intuition and/or Mediumship abilities to clearly receive their own Spiritual guidance in taking their next steps toward their life purpose. My clients make their homework and exercises to strengthen their relationship with their Intuition and Spirit Guides a top priority and are 100% ready to commit to this program. Once they apply for the program, they are eagerly watching their inbox for more details, are responsive when I connect with them, and KNOW this is the next step for them in their Spiritual advancement.


Who is NOT right for this program?

  • If you are just curious.
  • If you are just browsing and you thought this would be fun.
  • If you aren’t serious or can’t commit to making this a priority.
  • If you don’t want to wait to work with me. (I have a waiting list before I am able to work with you.)
  • If you aren’t willing to invest in yourself.

Are you Ready? Do you feel a YES!?

If you are interested in learning more, have a question, or ready to take the next steps on your Intuitive journey, apply to be in the program below. I’ve provided some questions for you to answer, to make sure i’m the best fit for you. After your apply, an email will be in your inbox within 48 business hours. (Tues-Fri 10am-5pm AZ time.)

I started a life coaching business and hoped that by developing my intuition further, I could help clients navigate more easily through the tough emotions they were experiencing.

When I started this program, I felt that i did not have an intuitive bone in my body, but was soon pleasantly surprised. By the end of my sessions, I was able to deliver the most powerful message to one of my friends. One night I woke up and saw very clearly the words, “Comfort John, Uncle Mark”.  I couldn’t wait until morning to talk to my friend. As it turns out, John had been very distraught over his uncle’s passing. He could not thank me enough for calling, which greatly helped with his grief.

My expectations and results have been more than I could’ve hoped for. The skills I’ve learned have continued to develop and have become more and more essential in the success of my coaching business.

June Booth

Author of "Left Behind to Pick Up the Remote" & Life Coach, Inspiration with June

Whitney’s teaching style is sincere and detailed.  I took the program because I desired to delve deeper into my spiritual journey and to take my beginning steps towards mediumship.  When I started the program, I knew I was in touch with my intuitive abilities and by the end of the program, I was able to display clear communication with my spirit guides.  I am looking forward working more with Whitney as I continue to develop.

Kristin Schollander