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Dec 12, 2018Conversations with Spirit

If you are reading this post, you are either

  1. Looking for Spiritual Gift Ideas for a Loved One… or
  2. Gathering ideas that might be nice gifts for you to give yourself 🙂 YES!

Your probably realize that your spiritual friend or family member is not interested in most of the traditional gifts.

When shopping for the spiritual/meptahysical person, you might want to consider where they are on their path. We usually go through cycles of seeking, processing, and teaching/implementing knowledge or lessons.

The spiritual person is always looking to grow spiritually, no matter what cycle of energy they are currently experiencing. Personal growth is always a main goal on some level.

When shopping, you can keep in mind that your spiritual loved one has asked themselves at some point, “How can I be a better person? How can I understand myself better? How do I evolve and get past obstacles? How can I balance myself?”

Depending on where they are on their journey, they may have found tools to help them along the way, or are still looking for tools to help them. They may also be interested in expanding their consciousness and want to connect to the Divine, Spirit, Higher Self, Spirit Guides, Angels, or Loved Ones who have passed into Spirit.

Here are some recommended gifts, along with what cycle of energy it corresponds to:

Physical Gifts

No matter what cycle of energy your spiritual friend is in, they can appreciate gifts in this category. While some Spiritual people may not be attached to physical items as much as they used to be, they can appreciate gifts from the heart.

Crystals – Crystals are natural and come from the Earth. Each crystal has a specific vibration and energy. Some crystals can be used in healing, accessing higher knowledge, protection, psychic abilities, and more. Choosing a crystal that has the qualities of what your Loved One is trying to achieve, is a heart felt gift! You can find them at your local metaphysical stores or crystal shops. They do sell them online, as well. I normally recommend to go in person to feel the energy of the stone, and also to visually appreciate its beauty. The staff on hand can also help you answer any questions, too!


Essential Oils – This is another category that is usually a winner! Essential oils help us with balancing energy. Your spiritual family member or loved one most likely understands some information about Chakras. There are actually specific oils that correspond to the 7 major Chakras to help them become balanced. My favorite essential oil company has an entire Chakra Kit for each one. I use them before I go to sleep to help stay balanced & grounded. You can also buy them separately, if you have a budget. If you aren’t sure about the Chakras, they have essential oils just for the holidays, and also nice blends for Tranquility, Peace, and Aligning, plus shipping is free to the US.

Oracle Cards– These are helpful tools to help your friend visually be validated on what their Intuition is saying! There are so many decks to choose from. These are NOT Tarot decks. Oracle cards are helpful to see what energy is around a certain situation. If you are unsure what type to get, they have decks with affirmations. There are so many. You can order them online, such as HayHouse.com , or you can find them in your local metaphysical store. Choose a deck you feel would resonate with the spiritual person you are buying for. You might be drawn to the color, illustrations, or name of the deck. (My favorites are Sacred Traveler by Denise Linn and The Spirit Animal Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid. InnerShimmer.com has some fun gifts:)

Use your Intuition when finding crystals, oracle cards, and oils:)


Getting gift certificates for a service is a wonderful way to say that you care. This is across the board, no matter what cycle of energy they are experiencing.

Energy Work/Reiki/Massage – This service helps your Loved One balance their energy and allows them to have a “time out” from everyday stress. Taking an hour out of the day to just receive, is one of the most beautiful gifts we can give! Often times, the spiritual person is super sensitive, and may not be able to clear their Mind. They often care so much about things that they have a hard time giving to themselves. If they are very sensitive, they may not prefer massage, and instead would like a Reiki or Energy treatment. This can help them clear their energy field from residue and can help them feel balanced again. You can find a local practitioner to their area, or Reiki can be sent at a distance. You can purchase a gift certificate for Reiki here.


Psychic/Intuitive/Medium Reading – Sometimes the spiritual person has a hard time detaching from the outcome and can’t quite objectively receive their guidance. Reserving a reading for them can be quite helpful. Some people prefer astrology readings, while others may want to connect to their Spirit Guides, Higher Self, and Loved Ones in Spirit to receive guidance. If they have a preferred “reader,” that can always be a good choice! If you are unsure, look around for review and word of mouth is always best! There is no need to look for someone local, as Spirit is not limited to the physical/tangible world, though some people just prefer to go in person. You can purchase gift certificates for readings here.


This is a great category for those that don’t prefer gifts, and one of my favorites (along with services!)

Food – You can purchase a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant! Often times, those who are very sensitive have specific diet requirements. It is becoming more prevalent in the spiritual community. There may be specific diets, so make sure to choose a restaurant that can accommodate their requirements. This gift is so nice, as they get to have time away from their normal routine to enjoy with friends, family, or solo!


Classes/Retreats – This experience is for those who are in the seeking phase. Have they ever wanted to learn Reiki, connect to Spirit, create art, attend a bead class, or yoga? Maybe photography, painting, or something that they just haven’t invested in, but would love to take part in? This can be an in-person class or some classes can be online. If they’ve expressed an interest in a specific topic, you might want to dig a little deeper to find out if there is a class available near them, or if there is a solid quality class that is online. (Learning Reiki online is not recommended.) Reiki & Metaphysical classes in Sedona & online Spiritual classes can be found here.

Travel – Sometimes a stay-cation can be enough to satisfy their spiritual side! Exploring new places within their own territory can be a nice escape can send their Spirit soaring. Finding a nice hotel, Air B&B, or a place for them to get away and retreat can be so refreshing! What a beautiful gift of freedom. If they have pets, you could offer to pet-sit for them instead of purchasing the travel. If budget isn’t an issue, a voucher for a plane ticket, could be nice too!

Tools for taking the next steps for the spiritual entrepreneur.

Has your Spiritual Loved One gotten sick of the rat race and are ready to start their own business? I often find that these two go hand in hand. Wanting their own hours, setting their own pace, and aligning with a mission that is near and dear to their heart can be very rewarding. If so, your friend or family member is probably in the teaching/implementing phase. Helping them establish their business, lending expertise in a certain area, or giving a gift card towards a service or store could be helpful as they start their own business. Well established entrepreneurs may not need any help, but those getting off the ground might want a little more encouragement. There can be endless start up costs like software, marketing, and more. It is nice to show your support in them as they take this venture. Of course, you might want to know a little more about their business. Examples for this type of gift: A gift card to a supply store, purchasing software like QuickBooks for accounting, or software like Kajabi if they want to teach a course online for example, could help them get started.

Enjoy your shopping!


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