Ep 49: Your Spiritual Gift Guide- Find The Perfect Gift By Intuitive Language

Nov 30, 2022Podcast

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Your Spiritual Gift Guide- Find The Perfect Gift By Intuitive Language

I have friends who have an uncanny knack for always knowing the perfect gift for any situation. On the other hand, I do NOT possess that particular superpower. However, I have noticed what’s important to people based on their intuitive language. Here are some tips to finding the perfect gift for someone based on their intuitive type.

Gifts for the Seer

A Seer is someone who gets intuitive messages through vision. That may be through physical sight or as images in their mind. Seers are usually visual learners as well. Maybe consider a change of scenery as a gift for the Seer. A new experience in a place they’ve never been before. Color is also important to the Seer. Is there an area of their home they want to change up? Maybe décor or artwork in their current favorite color would be a great option. Books on a topic that is interesting to them might also make a wonderful gift.

Gifts for the Owl

The Owl processes messages through their auditory channels. They are the type that may have to talk something through to make a decision or will just know the right answer when they hear it. One thing that Owls love is simply spending time with you. Quality quiet time where you can have a meaningful conversation will mean a lot to an Owl. They also typically enjoy music (according to their preferences). Maybe a ticket to a concert or even writing a special song about them would be an idea. Guided meditations or sound journeying would also be a lovely gift for the Owl

Gifts for the Empath

Empaths feel information. Anything that is sentimental or creates a connection will be wonderful for the empath. With them, the thought really does count. Blankets can make great gifts. The soft, cozy texture is very soothing for the Empath. Maybe you could even customize it with a sentimental touch, like a favorite photo or quote printed on it. Alone time is always a cherished commodity for the empath. Maybe give them a day where you take on their chores or responsibilities so they can be all alone and recharge. One on one experiences with good energy like Reiki sessions make amazing gifts for the Empath. A new deck of oracle cards might also fit in this category if your Empath connects with the energy of them.

Gifts for the Channeler

Channelers experience information by knowing in their body. Since the Channeler is so connected to the body, experiential gifts are perfect for them. For some Channelers a gift that gives them the opportunity to get out in nature and move might be well received. Travel or experiences of different cultures would also be appreciated. Maybe think about gifting them special candles, essential oils, and bath bombs so they can make their own bubble bath experience. Massages make great gifts for the Channeler as well. It helps them get present in their body and move the energy that has a tendency to get stuck there. Games, oracle cards, and journals also create experiences they Channeler will enjoy.

Gifts for the Other Languages

If your loved one has either of the secondary languages of tasting (clairgustance) or smelling (clairalience) messages, you’ll want to choose gifts that appeal to those senses. Candles, essential oils, or specific special foods you know they love are all great options.

If you don’t know the intuitive language of the loved one, have them take my Quiz to find out so you can choose a gift this year that is the perfect fit. Here’s to staying Spiritual & Ambitious this holiday season.




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Meditation can be a great gift for the Owl and Seer – Whitney McNeill

Experiencing the energy of oracle cards might be appreciated by the Empath or Channeler – Whitney McNeill

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