The message is in regards to disease and ailments in the body.

” People create disease in the body because they are afraid of being 100% free. The collective society teaches there must always be a battle, drama, or something to deal with. Humans are afraid to let go of everything fully and truly just BE. It feels uncomfortable with too much “space,” and more comfortable to always be preoccupied with something….”

I personally believe every physical ailment stems from an imbalance in the MIND. (mental or emotional body). If we do not heal these imbalances, they gravitate to our physical body, as the energy gets denser. I’ve been aware of this for a long time, however more information was coming through in a clear knowing or claircognizance from Spirit.

Spirit and my guide, Atayar, explained: “Humans have an issue with control, which is too much Ego. They are also fearful of how it would truly feel to be completely free. It would feel almost as if they are floating as they would be unaccustomed to this new sensation, they would feel like they are losing control. They must fully release all the energy they are holding on to. Humans seem to always want to face the next issue, problem, or task, even if they say they do not. They do not believe that they can truly be free. They create disease unconsciously because they feel they need a purpose. When I say purpose, it does not mean life purpose, but purpose outside of themselves. If they would just understand their purpose is to do what they truly feel inspired to do, it would eliminate these issues. They may feel bored, lazy, tired, and there is a disconnection with their body and mind. Not sure what they want to do with their days, however their mind cannot truly just BE. It always has to be doing something like watching TV, working, talking to others. They are afraid of being with themselves, afraid of being alone. Getting to know themselves is key to find out what they are passionate about if they did not have this illusion of limitation. This does not apply to the entire human race, but to the ones I am addressing with disease. Disease can be physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, or energy blockages.”

What if they did not have tasks, issues, or problems? What if they were truly happy, living limitless in their bodies, minds, and hearts? When I say truly limitless, I mean truly and honestly FREE! Free of limitations. In this case, humans would take in energy effortlessly, and release energy effortlessly, like a clear channel. They would also refuse to allow bacteria, negativity, or gunk to accumulate in their channels, similar to a water pipe. It would become natural, not to hold onto or accumulate this lower vibrating energy, like a natural, inherent skill or filter. This would be a new paradigm, a new reality, or what some call the 5th dimension. In this energy, there is no room for hate, jealously, anger or what some call lower vibrating energies. There is only room for love, passion, inspiration, creativity, support of one another, and higher energies. Humans would interact as Spirit does, without a limitation of time. There would only be synchronicity, allowing themselves to be guided where to go, when they feel inspired. Humans would also eat when they are hungry instead of allowing themselves to be conditioned to breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The same would apply to sleep schedules. This would change conditioning in society to adhere to certain regulations, which are limitations. This does not mean they would abandon responsibility because the definition of responsibility would cease to exist. Currently humans are so conditioned to think that there always must be a next step or issue to resolve or task at hand. What if they woke up every day and did what they felt inspired to do.?”

I understood what my Guide was saying. I also felt myself reject any negativity in my body. Similar to the sensation you get when you learn something new, and you can’t wait to test it out. I stated aloud, ” I release blockages, trauma, old stagnant energy from my cellular memory, my body, my mind, my emotions. I am free. I no longer need to hold onto these things.”

Let me tell you.. the flood gates opened.. When things started to release, it created a detox. For two days I was in a detox state feeling all of this energy come up to the surface, being removed from deep within, creating physical symptoms and emotions. At the time I wasn’t sure what was wrong. Ailments from long ago that I thought I full resolved came up to the surface to the point where I was questioning if I had truly healed. I finally understood that I had taken a piece of that old life, those things that I experienced long ago.. and stored them somewhere in the body. Sometimes I say that when we cleanse, it is like working on the water pipes, the water gets dirty before it clears out. That’s a good representation. The results after 2 days were wonderful physically. The third day I woke up feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed, as my family says in the South. I felt clear! It hasn’t fully been a week since my statements and affirmations and I am still in my release cycle, purging out old things that no longer serve me. I now am purging old contacts, old decorations, and clearing the environment of old things. I am not sure how long this cycle will be, but I look forward to discovering the newness of this experience.

Some advice I give to you, if I could do it over again I would change my affirmation to something like, ” I lovingly dissolve and heal any old stagnant energy from my mind, body, cells, and emotions in a balanced way.” or something of that sort..! That may have been a more gentle effective way of clearing out the body and emotions. My family and friends would’ve appreciated it 🙂

About the Author

Whitney McNeill is a Certified Medium, Reiki Master-Teacher and Spiritual Mentor. She is the owner of Messenger of Spirit, LLC, and the co-founder of the International Institute of Advanced Metaphysics (International I. A.M.), in Sedona, Arizona. For more information about services, classes & retreats, visit www.MessengerofSpirit.com or www.InternationalIAM.com.

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