Take a moment and say the word to yourself. “TRUST.” What is your reaction? This will give you some insight as to whether or not you feel comfortable with trusting yourself, others, or God/Divine Source. If your reaction isn’t 100%.. “YAY I love trusting!” .. then maybe you should change your relationship with that word.  

What does trust really mean? Well, for some it could mean “to have faith,” while others may automatically define it within relationships. Some may think it is similar to “Intuition.” When Spirit speaks of trust, it is in regard to trusting your gut feeling, and what you know to be true (not what you THINK to be true), and following / taking action on this. It is about feeling and following your divine excitement, and what you “feel” is right. Now, some of us are taught to “do what is right.” Feeling and doing are not the same. Most people “do what is right,” because of expectations, behavior patterns, or repeating the same cycles. Spirit is asking “What do you feel is right, without worrying about judgement from others?” This is the state we should be in at all times.  
When we are listening to ourselves truly and following our own inner guidance, it leads us to the greatest outcomes, the lessons we chose to learn, and the situations that are best suited for us at the time. When we go against the grain of our own inner feeling, we lose out. Ask yourself these questions:  

Have you ever done what your family wanted to do because they didn’t want to do what you felt?
Have you ever said “yes” when you really wanted to say “no?”
Have you ever chose the logical choice that counteracted the strong gut feeling of another option?

Well.. this would be going against the grain of your gut feeling, and not trusting yourself or Spirit.


This is not to say that you can’t compromise on small things like enjoying dinner at a restaurant that maybe was your second choice, or making time for your children when you really would like to hole up in your room and binge watch your favorite TV series. What Spirit is talking about is missing out on the Divine opportunities presented in front of you when you FEEL a STRONG gut feeling and you don’t take action on it. It can also be that Spirit is redirecting your choices for your highest good.


Perhaps you felt a strong gut feeling to not go to the restaurant with your family, to save you from food poisoning.
Perhaps you missed out on a wonderful opportunity to go to the park instead of the grocery store. At that park was someone who would have a major influence in your life.
Perhaps you missed an opportunity to grow spiritually by choosing the same logical choice.


Even though you may have missed the boat on these, you can still ask your Spirit Guides to present new opportunities if you are sincerely interested in taking the opportunities they present. If Spirit sees a pattern of you resisting these options, odds are they will stop because you aren’t ready. When you truly are ready for new cycles and growth, let them know, and take action! Just by making a different choice, you gain experience and grow. Your vibration rate will increase and become lighter for Spirit. You decide to go for it, and TRUST. The more you TRUST yourself, the easier it will be to trust others.. because really.. it is all about trusting YOURSELF and the choices you make. When you trust yourself, you are trusting Spirit, and you are in alignment with the choices that support your Highest Self.


I’m not sure when or why we were taught to trust what is “tried and true” over trusting ourselves. Somehow, some people have fallen into this cycle. There is no set path, you truly must follow your heart ( & gut feeling!). This is your compass to lead you on your path. No one else knows any better what your Soul truly needs & desires, other than YOUR Soul.
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