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Feb 21, 2019Conversations with Spirit

Spirit Guides are often referred to as Angels, Guardian Angels, and Loved Ones in Spirit, however, Spirit Guides are something different all on their own.

Think of your Spirit Guide like a person who is trained in their specialty of work, but doesn’t live on the Earth plane. Just like we have counselors, police officers, and teachers skilled in their area of expertise, our Spirit Guides are, too!

We primarily have two or three personal Spirit Guides that guide us, teach us, and protect us! They guide us along our path and give us those Intuitive knowings, feelings, hunches, and messages to “take this opportunity.”

The Teacher Guide, teaches us lessons. I know that YOU know what lessons I’m talking about. We all have learned some big ones at some point in our life. Usually when it’s “Hello lesson in my face syndrome,” it’s because we haven’t been listening.. so our Teacher Guide is making sure we get the point.

Our Protector Guides can protect us from energy on the Earth plane and the Astral realm. The world of Spirit isn’t so scary when ya know that you have a Protector Guide watching out for ya.

Sometimes we get scared and think, “Oh no! Are they around me all the time!?” While the primary duty of our Guides is to help us, they DO have other things they do. Think of it like a job.. Yes they have regular “working hours,” and are “on call,” but they also have other things they need to tend to.

If you wanna know more about all this Spirit Guides, and remove the mystery behind what they do and who they are.. this video is for you!

Psssst… It’s under 5 minutes, too!

If you wanna know the primary way your Spirit Guides most likely communicate with you, take thisĀ free Quiz.

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