Ep 86: Spirit Messages for 2023 with Whitney McNeill

Jul 19, 2023Podcast

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Spiritual & Ambitious Podcast with Whitney McNeill
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Spirit Messages for 2023

We are going to talk about the energy going on right now. We are about half way through the year, so let’s take a moment and reflect on where we’ve been and look ahead to where we are going.

Messages for Energy Of The Past (1:18)

What lessons have we learned in January 2023-June 2023? You want to look at highlights of the energy our collective was experiencing. It’s not too late to dive into these messages and take those lessons into the future.

Messages for Energy In The Present (7:07)

Take a minute for being in the present moment and what you’re feeling. Not staying in the past or too future focused. Find out what your Spirit Guides want you to know right now so you can take aligned action and prepare your energy for the next 6 months.

Messages for Energy For The Future (13:38)

Find out what your Spirit Guides are telling you about August through January 2024 so you can prepare and get the clarity you need with life lessons.

Bottom line is Spirit always has a plan for us, but sometimes we aren’t privy to where it might take us next. Listen to Spirit, follow the breadcrumbs, and stay on your path. Here’s to staying Spiritual & Ambitious.



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