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Jan 19, 2021Conversations with Spirit

Spirit Guide Success:  


In this video, we interview Intuitive Business & Leadership Coach, Anna Tsui. She helps business owners find the genius in their shadow side and define their personal essence.  She is the author of “Shadow Magic.  How to use your Fear as Fuel and build a prosperous coaching business.”

Defining your Plan with Spirit! …but not too defined!

As intuitives, we may not be best serving ourselves with a tight, strict schedule.  In doing that, we are only operating from our ego. And by ego, I mean your brain. It’s important to allow time in our day for Spirit to come through and have the flexibility in our schedule to flow and shift with the priorities Spirit introduces.

How much space in your year are you willing to allow for Spirit to lead you so you can have Spirit Guide success? 

Spirit is much more effective that we are on our own.  They have bigger goals and opportunities for us than we may be able to comprehend at the present moment.   In the “new normal” of the 2021 landscape, we are forced to use more virtual and emotional creative outlets, So, it’s important to get ownership of that space in yourself, your psyche, and your intuition.

Set your Goals Intention with Spirit.

The word ‘goal’ may create a type of negative connotation for some people.  When we say “goal” you might automatically feel a trigger of accomplishment or failure.  Our intention holds an energetic frequency that our Spirit Guides can tune into.  As we communicate with our Guides, they can absorb the essence of what it is we really want to co-create with them which allows room for them to give you bigger opportunities…

…And better opportunities that may be beyond your wildest imagination. The more space we create for that flow the more we allow them to bring in for us, creating Spirit Guide success.

The Space you create doesn’t have to be Comfortable.

When spiritually ambitious souls step out and open up that space for the “not yet seen” to come in, it can be a little unsettling or even scary to us.  To create the space, certain things had to drop away and it can be uncomfortable to look into the parts of ourselves that were underneath those things or habits or crutches that were there for an illusion of safety, but really may have been holding us back. Questions like “Who are we?” or “Why are we here?” may come up when the “other” falls away.

Align with the Energy of the Year.

Numerolgically, 2021 is a 5 which vibrates with the energy of change.  Five resonates as an “earthquake year,” meaning the ground beneath your feet (your current foundation) is starting to shift and change. It may be time to look for a more solid footing as you move forward.  

When we invite our Spirit Guides into this change with us, we gain their support instead of feeling all alone in the unknown.  When dealing with change, it’s all about perspective.  We can view it as a scary, beyond-our-control thing that comes along to create havoc, or we can experience change (trusting in the support of our Guides) with excitement. 

It’s like watching that nail-bitter of a movie with a huge tub of popcorn waiting for the next plot twist to come along.  Or it’s like riding a rollercoaster when you hit the top of that first big hill and all the nervous anticipation turns to joy and you throw your hands up, scream “WhooHoo!” and enjoy the ride.

How will you allow that Energy to Fuel you? 

Many of us want to take that energy of change and create a life where we feel our contribution is greater, greater for the collective.  That shift may bring up other issues related to our shadow self.  Issues of guilt if that change we feel we need to make will inevitably cause us to leave people currently in our lives behind (coworkers, if we were to leave a job is a good example).  There might also be guilt around  gratefulness.  If I’m looking for something bigger, something greater, does that mean I’m not grateful for what I’ve already been blessed with.  But when you choose yourself and the risk of change that feels aligned, you’re not only doing it for you but for your entire lineage and creating that possibility in the social consciousness causing a beautiful ripple effect.  

Allowing your Spirit Guides to keep you Aligned.

The more we communicate with our Guides the stronger our relationship with them becomes, and the more insight they have about what is going on in our lives and can help with opportunities.   Have communication with that Guide Team daily.  That communication can be speaking to them out loud and it can also be with intuitive thought as well.  Intuitive thought is using your inner reading voice with the intention that they hear it and pick it up.  The intention behind the thought is what helps them differentiate between your typical thought chatter or mind chatter, vs what is actually intended for them.

As the communication between you becomes clearer, the next important step in allowing their guidance is to take action on the opportunities they present that are aligned with the intentions you have set with them.  By NOT taking aligned action on those opportunities we are unintentionally telling them we are actually not ready for what we’ve been asking them to help provide. 

Moving forward in 2021.

There are going to be many keys to our Spirit Guide success in 2021, but as we speak to the energy of the year, here are 2 that will be toward the top of the list.

  • Support – When dealing with everything that will come up inwardly as we navigate change, having a solid support system is integral.  Whether that is a group of like-minded people that completely understand your circumstance or a mentor that has been where you are to help you navigate through the what is coming up and the opportunities that may open up.

  • Self-Care – Taking time to recharge.  No one can give from an empty cup.  We all need to take the time to “refill our cup” periodically to be the best and highest versions of ourselves.  The higher our own personal vibration the more open we are and the easier it will be to receive guidance from our Guides.

If you’re feeling the pull to make a shift and move more into your own power by co-creating your reality in 2021, you can sign up for our upcoming Spiritual Business Incubator where you can learn how to start your own intuitively guided business or pivot a business you may already have.

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