Spirit Animal Messages

May 28, 2020Conversations with Spirit

Everyone has spirit animals. Yes, that’s plural. There’s actually more than one spirit animal around you.

I’m not talking about pets in spirit. We have animal messengers that our Spirit Guides sends us to assist us in learning lessons.

We have nine spirit animals that are considered “permanent” Spirit helpers, but we also have transient animal messengers depending on the cycle we are in.

Today I’m focusing on the messengers that come to teach us lessons.

You’ll learn:

  • How your Spirit Guides work with spirit animal messengers.
  • What your Spirit Guides do when you aren’t listening to their messages.
  • How resting and manifesting tie into spirit animal messages.

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Resources in video:

11:11 New Aligned Beginnings Membership

Allways Intuitive Animal Guide

Animal Speak by Ted Andrews


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